AOTW: The Everettes – “Soul Steps”

November 8th, 2023 by Liz Kosik

by Anabel Martin Llanusa ’25

Album of the Week: The Everettes“Soul Steps”

Released: April 28, 2023

Rate: 7.5/10

RIYL: Amy Winehouse, Stevie Nicks, Aretha Franklin, Sharon Jones

The Everettes blended classic soul and gave this album a modern twist, making “Soul Steps” a unique musical experience. “Soul Steps” is a captivating album whose sound revolves around 70s soul music.

My favorite song on this album is definitely “So Many Ways”. The band could pay tribute to these old soul songs and all their musical influences while keeping their unique touch. Other songs that I enjoyed were “Red Flags” and “Heads Up High.” They have the same vintage style that predominates in the album. However, although the album captures an old soul vibe, the sound gets slightly repetitive. “Soul Steps” by The Everettes is a fantastic and unique modern soul album. The album features beautiful melodies, and amazing vocals, creating a captivating musical experience.

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Open Mic Night: November 10

November 7th, 2023 by Liz Kosik

by Liz Kosik ’25

Come join us for a fun night of music, poetry, and stand-up comedy with WLOY at Starbucks on November 10 from 7-9 PM! Whether you have a great singing voice, a talent for spoken word, or some hilarious jokes to share, we want to see what you’ve got. Even if you’re not feeling up to performing, we’d love to see you in the audience.

The event will be featured as “Decades Night” where you can spin the turntable and select a song from your favorite era. From groovy tunes of the 70s to rock hits of the early 2000s, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Mark your calendars for WLOY’s Open Mic Night on Friday, November 10 from 7-9 PM in Starbucks!

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Ladies’ Night at the FAC: November 10

November 7th, 2023 by Liz Kosik

Join us for an evening of fun and empowerment at the fourth annual Ladies Night at the FAC on November 10th from 7-10. Presented by the Women’s Center and RecWell, this event is open to all non-male-identifying students and promises to offer something for everyone – from games, self-defense, and group exercise classes, to climbing at the rock wall and paddle boarding in the pool.

Not a fan of working out? No problem! Ladies Night is a night for ALL the girls, where you can relax and play some cool games for prizes. Plus, we’ll have WLOY providing music for the event and giving away some cool merch – what’s better than hanging out with the girls and listening to our favorite female artists? You don’t want to miss this one!

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SOTW: HeatBack – “Something Nothing”

November 6th, 2023 by Liz Kosik

by Isabelle Braudakis ’25

Song of the Week: Heatback“Something Nothing”

Released: May 2023

Rate: 9/10

RIYL: Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, A Giant Dog, The Suburbs 

Featured on HeatBack’s debut album, “HeatBack,” Something Nothing is easily my favorite from this record. The track starts with a groovy guitar line, which is then accompanied by a fun and addictive drumline, all leading to the vocal entrance. Catchy and hypnotic beats pull you in and before you know it, you’re bobbing your head and tapping your foot along with the song. When you reach the bridge, you are met with what seems to be a conversation between the drums and the guitar, going back and forth, until they seamlessly come together to finish out the rest of the song. Towards the end, the tempo slows down and the vocals pick up as they make their final statement. The track ends with a creamy blend of all the instruments, helping create a satisfying and fulfilling conclusion. Read the rest of this entry »

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New Show Debut: Cyberspace Friday 10pm

November 3rd, 2023 by The Professor

Another NEW SHOW! Woo! This week also sees the debut of Cyberspace hosted by Zain. Airing on Fridays at 10pm just before Kaya’s House.

Welcome to Cyberspace, a show where I dig through the corners of the internet to find cool new music for you! I’m Zain, and every week I find a new niche of internet music to share with you, while also talking about the artists and some interesting stories if they have any. Tune in if you love to find something new!

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DJ Spotlight: The Pursuit of Felicity

November 3rd, 2023 by Liz Kosik

Show Name: The Pursuit of Felicity

DJ: Felicity Weavil ’25

When: Fridays @ 6PM

Q: Tell us about your show

A: On Pursuit of Felicity, I play anything from classic rock to indie pop, playing the songs that are upbeat and to get me (and my audience) excited for the weekend! I am constantly looking for new music to make me feel good and try to get a different mix of stuff every week (send any reqs my way!!).

Q: Why did you choose to host a show at WLOY?

A: I started my show in fall 2021 during my freshman year. I found the WLOY table during the activities fair and was instantly hooked. I have always loved music and exploring different genres and wanted to do with music somehow during college. WLOY was the perfect opportunity.

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New Show Debut: Bravo Radio Fridays 5pm

November 2nd, 2023 by The Professor

Another new show starts up this week!

Join DJ Bravo of the new Bravo Radio every Friday at 5pm.

Bravo Radio focuses on a different decade, genre, or style of music each episode and seeks to showcase a fair mix of both well known and underground tracks from the respective category.

Launching Friday with a dive into the tracks of the 1970’s and a few music history lessons. Join DJ Bravo’s musical explorations every Friday at 5pm.

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Gong Karaoke Returns 11/3!

November 1st, 2023 by The Professor

Join WLOY for our Karaoke For A Cause: Gong Karaoke on Friday, November 3rd, from 7-9 PM in Starbucks! Never heard of Gong Karaoke? That’s okay WLOY’s got you. Participants can pay $1 to request the song of their choice and spectators can pay $2 to hit the gong and kick them off stage! It is $5 to stay up on stage and sing your heart out but wait – others have the chance to pay $10 in sudden death and kick you off stage for good! All proceeds will go to Loyola’s Relay for Life to celebrate survivorship and raise money for research and programs for the American Cancer Society.

Drag your friends and roommates out for a little bit of friendly competition that supports an amazing foundation. Join WLOY for our Karaoke For A Cause: Gong Karaoke on Friday, November 3rd, from 7-9 PM in Starbucks!

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New Show Debut: dreamGAZE Thursday 6pm

October 31st, 2023 by The Professor

This week we debut dreamGAZE from the minds of Terence and Erica Hannum (of the Baltimore band Holy Circle) focusing on dreampop, shoegaze and adjacent sounds – so expect A LOT of guitar pedals to be employed as they wash sounds over their listeners.

In their debut show they chat with artist Jake Reid of Secret Wilderness (and Machine Drift, Screen Vinyl Image, and Alcian Blue) about his journey with dreamgaze music, his early pioneering bands and more.

Episode two will feature the Candian shoegaze adjacent band ON and three may include Jack Tatum of Wild Nothing so stick around every Thursday at 6pm to get dreamy.

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The Prime: Alt Through the Ages

October 31st, 2023 by Liz Kosik

by Liz Kosik ’25

Genre: Alternative

Subgenre: Indie-rock

RIYL: Radiohead, The Killers, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand

We at WLOY are thrilled to announce the return of our popular series, The Prime! Our talented DJs have been doing a fantastic job of keeping us all entertained with the latest chart-topping hits and old-school jams. Now, we’re excited to explore the history and background of the music we all cherish so much. The series will cover a diverse range of genres including our newest series edition — alternative! We can’t wait to delve into the subgenres, learn about affiliated bands, and offer some amazing song recommendations. So, stay tuned!

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