10FPS – A Photojournalism Podcast

Welcome to 10FPS, that’s “Frames Per Second” for you non-camera geeks out there. It’s the speed that a motor drive runs when you’re in the midst of the action and need to just capture everything. 10FPS is a podcast and radio show created by photojournalists about the craft and profession of photojournalism, but it’s intended for everyone. We won’t be digging into which f-stop the guest used, or why they prefer Canon over Nikon or anything too gear-specific. We’re about the ideas that drive photographers, the struggles they face in getting the right shot, how to avoid bringing their own biases to their assignments and more. We’re going to explore combat photography, documentary, news and more with guests from all over the world.

Hosts for Shows 1-74 (Season 1-3, 2018-2020): Your hosts are Elena Volkova, and J.M. (Joe) Giordano. The show is produced by Audrey Gatewood and John Devecka in the WLOY studios.

Hosts for Shows 75+ (Season 4, 2023): Your hosts for our post-covid return are Molly Roberts and Joe Giordano. The show is produced by John Devecka at the WLOY studios.

J.M. Giordano is an award-winning photojournalist based in Baltimore. His work has been featured in GQ, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Washington Post, The Baltimore City Paper, i-D Magazine, Discovery Channel Inc., Rolling-Stone, XLR8R. His work, from the Struggle series is in the permanent collections at the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and the Reginald Lewis Museum. In 2015 he was short-listed for the National Gallery’s Outwin Boochever Portrait Prize.

Molly Roberts is a photographer, curator, educator and visual editor living in Baltimore. She is co-director of WPOW (Women Photojournalists of Washington) and a former photography editor at National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, Washington Post Magazine and others. She is passionate about people, visual storytelling and authenticity.

Download podcasts on iTunes and other places we hide them around the web. Or listen weekly on WLOY Saturdays at 1pm.

Show Guest Topic Listen
1 Your Hosts Introducing Us
2 Shan Wallace Street Photography
3 Peter Voelker Street Photography
4 SSgt. Kenny Holston Military & Documentary
5 Theo Anthony Film & Journalism
6 Matt Roth Micronations
7 Tony Bell Editorial
8 Clary Estes Documentary
9 Webster Phillips Documentary
10 Mark & Gabriela Documentary
11 Amy Davis Vanished Theaters
12 Tanya Garcia Documentary
13 Josh Sisk Live Music
14 Joe Tropea Exhibits and Archives
15 Robert Cohen Covering Ferguson
16 Andre Chung Obama to Uprising
17 Eros Hoagland Documentary
18 Jennifer Bishop Journalism & Portraiture
19 Brian Ulrich Malls/Retail Worlds
20 Mickey Osterreicher NPPA Legal Issues
21 BP Miller NPPA
22 Fotoweek 2017 Various Guests
23 Gabe Dinsmoor Baltimore Rising
24 Matika Wilbur Project 562
25 Daniella Zalcman Documenting Identity
26 Elizabeth Renstrom VICE
27 Brent Lewis Multimedia Projects
28 Joseph Rushmore Oklahoma/Midwest
29 Smita Sharma Gender & Human Rights
30 Sam Herron Homeless Issues
31 Michael A McCoy Documentary
32 Michelle Bogre Farm Life
33 Kyle Grantham Music, Sports, more
34 Allen Murabayashi Industry Issues
35 A. D. Coleman The Myth of Capa
36 Claire Beckett In Training
37 Laura Villamizar Making NPR Visual
38 Nolan T Rowe Documenting Disability
39 Zach Roberts Photo Series
40 Elisa Munoz International Womens Media Foundation
41 Kristen Chick #MeToo and Photojournalists
42 Andrew Mangrum Portraits
43 Peter Manseau Ghost Photography
44 Julia Rendleman Photographing with Dignity
45 Brandon Soderberg Photographing Addiction
46 Kate Freese Sports Photography (NHL)
47 Ben Smith Photobooks, Podcasts & more
48 Mike Shaw The Year in Pictures
49 Shawn Hubbard Sports Photography (NFL)
50 Jim Mortram Small Town Inertia
51 Kenny Holston & Michel Sauret Military Photography
52 Adriana Monsalve Homie House Press
53 Chris Bonanos Weegee the Great
54 Roberta Bayley CBGB & Punk Photography
55 Godlis CBGB & Punk Photography
56 Lisa Richman FSA Archives
57 Alys Tomlinson Religious Pilgrimages
58 Grant Scott Photo-education
59 Farrah Skeiky DC/Baltimore Punk Photography
60 Paul Conroy Marie Colvin & Syria
61 David Hume Kennerly Vietnam to Presidential Photographer
62 Paul Gillespie The Capitol Gazette Shootings
63 Zach Roberts Photojournalism on Film
64 Claire Beckett Anthropology & Military Training
65 Lauren Walsh Conflict Photography
66 Ben Brody Combat, PTSD and Veterans
67 Anthony Feinstein Post-combat, PTSD and Veterans
68 Jackie Sofia Jordanian & Palestinian Refugees
69 Your Hosts End of the Year Wrap
70 Roger May Appalachian Documentary
71 Ben Chesterton Magnum Controversies
72 Tony Mobley Protest Documentary
73 Corinne Perkins Photo Editing Reuters
74 Peter van Agtmael Sorry for the War coming soon
75 (25) M Holden Warren Hot Zones
77 Natalie Keyssar Conflict Photography Ukraine
78 Svet Jacqueline Conflict Photography Ukraine
79 Beth Saunders Paranormal Photography
80 Lorissa Reinhart Dickie Chapelle Bio
81 Eman Mohammed Conflict Photography Gaza
82 Sheila Pree Bright Hip-Hop Photography
83 Vikki Tobak & Sue Kwon Hip-Hop Photography
84 Beth Saunders UMBC Photo Archives
85 Andre Wagner Street Photography
86 Best Photobooks of 2023 Year in Review
87 Rian Dundon Documentary Photography
88 Anastasia Taylor-Lind & Alisa Sopova Conflict Photography
89 Louie Palu Documentary Photography
90 Dina Litovski Documentary Photography
91 Stephen Crowley Political Photography
92 Paula Gately Tillman Visual Arts LGBTQ+
BONUS Paula Gately Tillman Exhibit Tour
93 Ulysses Munoz Sports Photography
94 Michelle McLoughlin Documentary Photography
95 Jeffrey Henson Scales Black Panthers & Documnetary Photography
96 Devin Allen Street Photography
97 Greta Pratt Documentary Photography
98 Mary Virginia Swanson Creating Photobooks
99 Tamir Kalifa
100 Eugene Richards Documentary Photography
101 Cary Wagner
102 Kaitlin Newman Key Bridge Collapse
103 Philip Toledano AI Art Photography
104 Wendel White
105 Kristi Odom Wildlife Photography
106 Ada Trillo Inclusion Documentary
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