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Here’s what we have available now in our swag pile. If it says SOLD OUT that means we don’t have any left. If you see a sold out item that looks exciting feel free to request we get more. We generally swap between sweatshirts and hoodies each year. Glow in the dark items are usually only made around Halloween and in VERY limited quantities. Garage Sale shirts are nearly random in their colors so when you order request light or dark in your size and we’ll use that as a guide. Don’t forget to add your size when ordering!

Thanks for supporting WLOY and please send us a photo of your swag wherever you wear it 🙂

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Image Description Price
WLOY Hoodie, black with front pocket,Gildan heavy blend, small logo on front large on back $25.00
WLOY classic Hon t-shirt $10.00
WLOY classic orange t-shirt $10.00
WLOY classic purple t-shirt $10.00
WLOY glow-in-the-dark t-shirt $15.00
WLOY coffee mug $10.00
WLOY coffee mix #1 $6.00
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