Sports Saturdays: How Amazin’ Are The Mets?

April 25th, 2015 by WLOY Staff

Sports SaturdayMeet the Mets!

Don’t look now, but the New York Mets seem to be back in their “Amazin'” form for the first time in ages.

As the Mets prepare to start the Subway Series against their Bronx rivals, the New York Yankees, they find themselves at the top of the MLB with a 13-3 record, while also riding the momentum of an 11-game win streak.

They’re finally in a position to take New York and all of the major leagues by storm, but just how Amazin’ are these Mets?

Just going by the numbers, you have to be impressed with this team. Their 11-game win streak is the longest they’ve been on since 1986, when they also started 2-3 before the streak started.

They also accomplished these win totals at the start of the season with a win streak in 1969.

The Mets won the World Series both of those years.

It’s also worth noting that the Metropolitans of Queens boast one of the best pitching staffs in baseball, with a team ERA of 2.81, and that’s without Matt Harvey even being their best starting pitcher right now.

That’s right. The Dark Knight has returned to Queens for the Mets, and has torn it up with a 3-0 record in his first three starts, with 24 strikeouts. However, fellow young gun, Jacob deGrom has a 0.93 ERA going through his first three starts!

Let’s not forget about how well they’ve done at the plate, either. The Mets have four batters that are currently hitting above .300, and have scored 26 more runs than their opponents this season.

And that’s with two of their best players, David Wright and Travis d’Arnaud, currently injured but quickly on the road to full recovery.

There is, however, one major difference with this Mets team that does not show on the stat sheets.

For the first time since the turn of the Century, the Mets are a team with youthful grit.

No more will these Mets be the butt of jokes like we see in Family Guy, where a PA announcer says of the Mets’ season, “Here’s the first pitch…And the season’s over!”

The Mets are a team that is used to being battered and not being able to get back up. With two star players going down so early in the season for at least 15 days, it would’ve been so easy for the Mets to abandon hope on yet another season.

But this team saw the adversity and let it motivate them to be that much better. That’s a mentality we haven’t seen from the Mets since…well…since they last won the World Series.

Newfound grit combined with a lot of young talent that has been groomed in their farm system for a couple of years, and thrown together with a talented, young pitching staff that has been built to thrive for years to come means that these are not the Mets we’re used to seeing.

They’re something more; something better; something amazing.

So, just how Amazin’ are these Mets? It’s still early in the season and only time will tell, but as of right now, the answer can only be one thing:

These are some pretty darn Amazin’ Mets.

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