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Local Music Spotlight Show 2

Friday, June 22nd, 2012 by The Professor

Today’s playlist:

1. Woody Lissauer – Roses – Woody Lissauer
2. Midway Fair – Fairest of Them All – The Distance of the Moon at Daybreak
3. Midway Fair Interview
4. Sahffi – Waiting for Me – Turning Tides
5. GoatFish – Keep Your Head – The Gift of the Nymph
6. GoatFish Interview
7. Ella’s Umbrella – Perfect Enough – Colors in Our Sky
8. Teporah – Love Isn’t Enough – Bar Tunes
9. Teporah Interview
10. QueenEarth – MsMarvelous (Feat. Ama Chandra) – QueenEarth at Reservoir Hill Festival
11. QueenEarth Interview
12. Midway Fair – Blue Eyes – The Distance of the Moon at Daybreak

Tune in every Friday at 3pm to hear great local bands!

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Local Music Spotlight Show #1

Friday, June 15th, 2012 by The Professor

Chris debuted show #1 today and here’s the playlist for those that missed it:

1. Midway Fair – (It’s Not) 1962 – The Distance of the Moon at Daybreak
2. Brooks Long & The Mad Dog No Good – It Wasn’t Supposed to be Love – Let’s Make Out to Otis Redding
3. Brooks Long Interview
4. Paul Iwancio – These Shoes – Open Heart Stories
5. Ella’s Umbrella – Take That Leap – Colors in Our Sky
6. GoatFish – Nature’s Mother – The Gift of the Nymph
7. Sahffi – House of Mirrors – Turning Tides
8. 9 Mile Roots – Bring it Right Back – And the Rest Will Follow
9. 9 Mile Roots Interview
10. Teporah – Stack of Coins – Bar Tunes
11. Brooks Long & The Mad Dog No Good – We Real Cool – Let’s Make Out to Otis Redding

Don’t forget to tune in every Friday at 3pm for the Local Music Spotlight

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Both Feet In Live June 13 – Word on the Street

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 by The Professor

“Word on the Street’s” first edition is out! Learn about Baltimore’s new newspaper led by those experiencing homelessness– this Wednesday on the Both Feet In show with host Sylvia Park and guest, Bonnie Lane, writer, vendor, editor for Word on the Street. Live show airs from 12-12:30. If you wish to join the discussion, please call 410-617-5330 or instant message from the box on the right. (more…)

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Currency Exchange Show Sundays at 11

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 by The Professor

Sundays at 11am check out DJ Seth Michaels on The Currency Exchange as he explores a different world of music each week.  Whether its the Samba or vintage Ragas, there’s always something interesting going on.  Sometimes he has a guest musician and sometimes a world-weary traveler drops a pile of CDs at his door. You never know, unless you tune in!

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Both Feet In – Lohr’s Restaurant

Monday, November 28th, 2011 by The Professor

One day while out with his family, WLOY’s Operations Manager stopped at a little restaurant to grab lunch. It looked like a nice family-style diner and good for everyone. While perusing the menu, and the newspaper clippings on the wall, he learned that the owner of Lohr’s Family Restaurant was formerly homeless and had moved from being an employee to the owner after being given a chance to start over. Instant Both Feet In story, just add dumb luck that we stumbled on it! Here it is, in 2 parts, the story of David Jones, his struggles and success.

Lohr’s Part 1 [audio:BFI_Lohrs_Pt1.mp3]Download

Lohr’s Part 2 [audio:BFI_Lohrs_Pt2.mp3]Download

Want to visit? Here’s the website


“…and that’s why he’s always constantly telling his story. He has it on our menu, that it’s, this is our story, you know? At first I was like don’t tell everybody that, you know that’s embarassing. Don’t don’t say that! And then, but then I realized well you know what? he’s right. (1:03:40)Everyone needs to know…”

— Rayann, on why her husband, David, has his story on the menu cover

“On Christmas Day, from 11-2, this will be our 9th one I believe? we open our restaurant up, and first it was for homeless and desolate people, that didn’t have a place to go for Christmas day to eat. And now its opened up for anybody its come one come all, and we serve a free turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and uh, you know that’s just a way that I give back to the community.”

— David Jones Sr. on Lohr’s Restaurant every year on Christmas Day

David’s persective on drug and alcohol addiction:

Sylvia: And so during this whole time,…teen yrs of getting involved in drugs… were you thinking that I know this is bad for me but I just can’t help it or….what were your thoughts during these periods?

David: Basically my thoughts are these people think that since I had money to do this, it was a good way to inherit friends. Because now, I don’t really, at that pt in time, and even now days you know really I dont consider myself having that many friends. …Rayann is my wife she’s also my best friend. you know my son is my son he’s also I consider him a friend…but if I have five friends in my life, that’s alot.

Sylvia: What was it about this time, that you were able to, stay clean and not go back?

David: Cuz I don’t want that life anymore. (pause) I’m 55 yrs old, I , you know, I’m in very good health, I don’t have any problems, and I just, I don’t want that life anymore. I don’t know if I could stand to go.. I don’t want to test the water perse and find out what’s gonna happen. It’s not gonna do me any good, it’s not gonna do anybody else any good.

Sylvia: Do you feel that you have to hit rock bottom before you can pull yourself out?

David: Yes, yes. It don’t do any good, until you are at the very bottom of your game, until you lost everything, and you don’t have anywhere else to go or any any other solution to your problems, then you’re gonna, then you’re gonna be sincere in what you’re doing.

“You know you just, every person’s different. Some people can drink and drug everyday. or you know, the weekend warriors or whatever you want to call em. But sooner or later it’s going to catch up with you, if you do it on a regular basis all the time. You know everybody’s different, their biological and chemical makeup of their body is different. You know you just, you just have to, sooner or later, you can see if you have a problem by the way if affects you and your and your life and your surroundings with other people and things of that nature. And I think 95% of the time you do it on a regular basis it’s gonna do that, and that you know, it’s up to you about how far, how far you want to progress before you do something about it.”

“I think you can basically say when you’re when you’re out there and you’re drinkin and you’re druggin and you hit your bottom and you’re in the process of going to where your, hitting your bottom… you know you sit there and say God, why me, why this happening to me? It’s not that you’re doing it to yourself, you know, I think God gives you two paths to do anything. And there’s a rt, there’s a path that you follow his way and it’s not necessarily bumpless, and there’s a path you follow your own way and you get to the, both of them will lead you to the same point its just how fast you get there.”

“I mean Relationships you have to take it on a day to day basis, just like alcoholism. Not saying one goes with the other but, you know, you just, you have to , you don’t know how you’re going to feel when you wake up in the morning, you know, and if the dog peed on the floor, and you and you step in it you’re going to be pissed off if somebody said something to you, you’re gonna you’re gonna answer in a way that you normally wouldn’t. And so it just it’s just an ongoing situation where you have to try.”
— David on relationships

“What home means to me. Well, it being steady and its constant, you can depend on the people that are around you, you feel good when you’re around, you know like the people that you, feel like, I mean home could be with anyone. Like, I, there’s certain people that when I’m around them, I feel at home, you know, not necessarily a building, a structure, um, but yeah…”
— Rayann on “Home”

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Both Feet In Live Show!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 by The Professor

Both Feet In


Baltimore’s own Thomas Hicks has been the Executive Director for Helping Other People through Empowerment (H.O.P.E.) and Ethel Élan Safe Haven 2 Transitional Shelter, for the homeless mentally ill population since 2003 and 2009.

Hear his story LIVE, on the Both Feet In show, this Wednesday at 12noon with host Sylvia Park, and learn how he came to fulfill his life’s purpose – Helping Other People through Empowerment.

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WLOY Live in Boulder This Friday!

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 by WLOY Staff

Amanda Nolan Tim TeelingThis Friday March 4th DJs Tim and Amanda will be live outside of Boulder Garden Cafe to broadcast the Top 20 Countdown! We’ll be here to greet you as you pass by on your way to whatever “exotic” location you chose to spend your spring break. Stop by to see what song has made it to the number one spot this week!

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Both Feet In Live Show 2/2/11

Friday, January 28th, 2011 by The Professor

This week we present another special LIVE show of Both Feet In.
We welcome listener participation and input.

In 2009, President Obama and the US Department of Veterans Affairs  launched a comprehensive plan to end homelessness among veterans in five years. Join Col. Charles Williams, the Executive Director of the Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training (MCVET), and Arnold Shipman, a participant of the program, in a conversation with Both Feet In’s host, Dr. Sylvia Park, about one non-profit’s strategy to end homelessness among veterans in Baltimore City. This live show airs next Wed, Jan. 26th, 12-1pm. We welcome your comments and questions during the show! Call 410-617-5313 or -5330 or visit and instant chat from the front page or instant message WLOYLIVE.


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WLOY Christmas Specials!

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010 by The Professor

It’s Christmas so you know it’s time for the annual Ultimate Christmas Show on WLOY! Join Nick Centanni for 3 hours on Christmas Eve and another 3 hours on Christmas Day. That’s 6 unique hours featuring the best Christmas music ever made! Nick will have Christmas jokes, facts, and minimal music repeats. And you never know who will be randomly stopping by to say hi to wish you a Merry Christmas! As usual the show is unscripted and unrehearsed so you never know what to expect next. So while you decorate, wrap gifts, drink eggnog, or just hang out by the fire make it a date and don’t be late to tune in on Christmas Eve and for a second special on Christmas Day! All right here to keep you company on WLOY!

Leitha J also prepared a couple of jazzy hours of Christmas music for your listening pleasure so tune in early Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve: Leitha J’s Christmas Special 8am-10am, Nick’s Ultimate Christmas Eve Special 10am-1pm (repeating 6pm-9pm)

Christmas Day: Leitha J’s Christmas Special 8am-10am, Nick’s Ultimate Christmas Day Special 10am-1pm (repeating 6pm-9pm)

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Special Guests on Mobtown Couch 12/2!

Monday, November 29th, 2010 by WLOY Staff

Every week Mobtown Couch highlights singer/songwriters specifically from the Baltimore area. This Thursday December 2 Karyn Oliver, the host of Mobtown Couch, will feature some special guests – Fred Gillen Jr. with Catherine Miles of The Ya Yas! An up-and-coming artist, Fred Gillen Jr. is part folk artist, part indie rocker and part poet. This show will highlight his new music with a few live performances so it is one that you do not want to miss!

Can’t get enough of Karyn Oliver? She will be featured at the Singer/Songwriters Coffeehouse on December 2 with Rob Lytle as well, so be sure to stop by that event! WLOY keeps you updated on local artists; you inevitably become a happier person.

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