Local Music Spotlight Show #1

June 15th, 2012 by The Professor

Chris debuted show #1 today and here’s the playlist for those that missed it:

1. Midway Fair – (It’s Not) 1962 – The Distance of the Moon at Daybreak
2. Brooks Long & The Mad Dog No Good – It Wasn’t Supposed to be Love – Let’s Make Out to Otis Redding
3. Brooks Long Interview
4. Paul Iwancio – These Shoes – Open Heart Stories
5. Ella’s Umbrella – Take That Leap – Colors in Our Sky
6. GoatFish – Nature’s Mother – The Gift of the Nymph
7. Sahffi – House of Mirrors – Turning Tides
8. 9 Mile Roots – Bring it Right Back – And the Rest Will Follow
9. 9 Mile Roots Interview
10. Teporah – Stack of Coins – Bar Tunes
11. Brooks Long & The Mad Dog No Good – We Real Cool – Let’s Make Out to Otis Redding

Don’t forget to tune in every Friday at 3pm for the Local Music Spotlight

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