Currency Exchange Show Sundays at 11

May 3rd, 2012 by The Professor

Sundays at 11am check out DJ Seth Michaels on The Currency Exchange as he explores a different world of music each week.  Whether its the Samba or vintage Ragas, there’s always something interesting going on.  Sometimes he has a guest musician and sometimes a world-weary traveler drops a pile of CDs at his door. You never know, unless you tune in!

Upcoming shows for your advance planning pleasure:

05/06/12 – The music and works of Cheb i Sabbah, and the Sweet Relief musicians fund
05/13/12 – Harford Road Hiplife Party
05/20/12 – Harford Road Highlife Party
05/27/12 – German Electronic Music (you might hear some Kraftwerk)
06/03/12 – Classical Indian
06/10/12 – Zambia, Seth’s guest Madeline just returned from Zambia with a load of CDs

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