Both Feet In Live June 13 – Word on the Street

June 13th, 2012 by The Professor

“Word on the Street’s” first edition is out! Learn about Baltimore’s new newspaper led by those experiencing homelessness– this Wednesday on the Both Feet In show with host Sylvia Park and guest, Bonnie Lane, writer, vendor, editor for Word on the Street. Live show airs from 12-12:30. If you wish to join the discussion, please call 410-617-5330 or instant message from the box on the right.

Word on the Street
phone: 443-531-1919
facebook: wordonthestreet Bmore
twitter: @wordonthestreet Bmore, @WOTSBmore

MISSION: Word on the Street is an independent, non-profit, grassroots newspaper led by those experiencing homelessness and by their allies that aims to educate the community and expose the underlying causes of homelessness by highlighting the contributions of homeless and formerly homeless individuals while providing vendors with a source of income.

GUEST: Bonnie Lane
Writer, vendor, editor for Word on the Street
Advocate for the homeless and low income people

Bonnie was homeless on and off for ten years. The first time was due to a domestic violence situation In Michigan, when her first husband tried to kill her. She has been in Baltimore on and off for more than 12 years. She became homeless in Baltimore due to an argument with former boyfriend who had the lease. Bonnie has resided on the street, on a park bench in the City’s famed Bum Park (Saint Vincent De Paul Church Park). Addiction was never a part of Bonnie’s story. She stayed at the old Code Blue shelter for eight months when it was located in a parking garage on Davis Street. From there she went from to Safe Haven on Old York Road. Bonnie chose to treat getting housed as a full time job and has been in the same apt for two years now. She currently writes, edits and sells Word on the Street, which is a new street paper written and produced by current homeless persons, formerly homeless persons and their allies. Bonnie is a member of Baltimore’s Faces of Homelessness Speaker’s Bureau, which is a public education program on the topic of homelessness, as well as Occupy Baltimore, also The Travyon Martin Committee, the JHR Resident Council, etc. She have a college degree in Public Relations and now spends most of her time doing advocacy and activism. Bonnie is considering a run for Baltimore City Mayor in 2016.


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