Baltimore Pays Tribute to Pink Floyd: Mobtown Moon

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

a1918502961_10It’s a classic. It’s been admired and covered by musicians all over the planet. It’s Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and now it’s Baltimore’s turn to re-imagine this legendary, 1973 album. With over forty musicians participating, each bringing with them their own musical genre, this album is sure to be an eclectic, musical experience. Collaborators and co-creators Sandy Asirvatham and ellen cherry have been at the center of this album since its inception.For over four years, these two talented musicians/composers have achieved the tremendous feat of combining musicians and genres from all walks of life to complete one epic album. Together, they have formed an album that features jazz, bluegrass, hip hop, classical and rock music. (more…)

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The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

Justin-Timberlake-The-20_20-Experience-2-of-2-2013-1200x1200 It seems like 2013 has been the year of Justin Timberlake. With The 20/20 Experience hitting the top of every music chart ever created, The Legends of Summer Tour with Jay-Z selling out arenas across the country, and let’s not forget that killer VMA performance,


JT is unstoppable. But, just when you thought that was enough, he has released the highly anticipated 20/20 Experience 2 of 2. This album is very reminiscent of his NSYNC days. His “pop” foundation shines through in every song; including the slower ones like Amnesia. The heavy background vocals also contributes to the boy-band sound on this album. In true JT fashion, the album has only 11 tracks with only one song less than four minutes long. The last track “Not a Bad Thing” is 11 minutes and 28 seconds long. Justin Timberlake’s voice is just as smooth and incredible on this album as on any other album he has created in the past. The newlywed seems to still be using his marriage to actress Jessica Biel as inspiration with the love songs on this album. JT is, however, getting in touch with his inner bad boy with the language on this album. There are more expletives on this album than fans are used to hearing from America’s Prince of Pop. After listening to this album, there is no doubt that JT is hotter than ever! Tune in to A Double Dose of Entertainment on Fridays from 7-9pm to hear tracks from this album!

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Brothers Bring Back the Beat

Friday, August 16th, 2013 by The Professor

The Jacksons reunite to reignite their catalogue across the global stage

by Radio RockonTour host Timothy Tilghman

The Jacksons brought their 13-month long Unity Tour to an end in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Saturday, July 27, 2013. With only four dates scheduled in North America for this year, the Jackson brothers appeared at the intimate Borgata Music Box thrilling an appreciative audience to both their popular catalogue and a handful of chart toppers from their deceased brother Michael.

The Jacksons: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon Jackson, reunited to tour together after a 28 year hiatus from the stage. The Jacksons long overdue world tour is as much a reunion as it is a tribute to their fallen brother and a nostalgic romp to recapture their former glory and treat their loyal fans to one night of turning the clock back in time. Brother Michael Jackson had passed at the age of 50 in June 2009.

Briskly, The Jacksons tromped out on stage and froze in their tracks to heighten the excitement as the house was already up on their feet in anticipation. The brothers were all sharply dressed in black faux military style suits emulating the stage fashion of their missing brother. Launching into their opening song “Can You Feel It”, each brother took a turn at vocals and then refroze standing still on stage to resounding applause.

Characteristically, the crowd was a bit older and a bit grayer, but this only enhanced the fervor of those in the venue to enjoy a musical platter of golden oldies served piping hot. Marlon, Jackie, and Jermaine Jackson all shared vocals on “Rock With You” bolstered by a strong groove that kept the exhilaration level at a highpoint. Jermaine sang a heartfelt tribute to Michael covering his brother’s 1991 ballad version of “Gone Too Soon”.

The Jacksons delivered a jam-packed medley of their biggest hits as the Jackson Five stitched together as an audible suite of familiar tunes engaging the audience to cheer in unison. Ecstatic fans were partying together to non-stop power grooves as the final four numbers featured the cool vocal vibes of Jermaine on “This Place Hotel”, “Starting Something”, “Don’t Stop” and “Shake Your Body”. The Jacksons charged across the stage creating a frenzy that climaxed in a crescendo of echoing applause after thanking the fans for their loyal support and attendance.

Formerly The Jackson Five, the original band was Jackie Jackson on vocals, Tito Jackson on guitar, Jermaine Jackson on vocals, Marlon Jackson on vocals, and Michael Jackson as lead vocalist. Bassist Randy Jackson did not join the group until 1975 and was a member until the band folded in 1989. The bothers began as an amateur sibling ensemble in 1964. They were discovered and signed to Motown records in 1969.

The Jackson Five would go onto score multiple hit singes on the American Top 40 charts. All six Jackson brothers participated in a reunion concert held in New York City at Madison Square Garden in September 2001. Michael Jackson was poised to reboot his own comeback to the stage in London with a series of sold out concerts in 2009. Once again, the Jackson Brothers are sharing their musical gift on their own terms.

Atlantic City setlist: Can You Feel It * Blame It On The Boogie * I Wanna Be Where You Are * Rock With You * Let Me Show You The Way To Go * Lovely One * We’re Here To Entertain You (video) * Good Times * Looking Through The Windows * Time Waits For No One * Heaven Knows I Love You Girl * Push Me Away * Man Of War * Gone Too Soon * I Want You Back > ABC > The Love You Save > Never Can Say Goodbye (medley) * Al I Do Is Think Of You * I’ll Be There * Can’t Let Her Get Away * This Place Hotel * Wanna Be Starting Something * Don’t Stop `Til You Get Enough * Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)

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The 20/20 Experience: Justin Timberlake is Back!

Thursday, April 4th, 2013 by WLOY Staff


We have been waiting for this return for quite some time now! After some time off, Justin Timberlake is back and better than ever. His new album, The 20/20 Experience, hits shelves this week and I just listened to an advanced copy of it. One word…incredible! The lyrics, music and vibe are very reminiscent of the JT we all know and love with a bit of a fresh, modern twist. (more…)

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Bow Down Who??

Thursday, March 21st, 2013 by WLOY Staff


We have all been waiting with baited breath for Beyoncé to release new music. After multiple Instagram posts of Bey in the recording studio, the announcement of a world tour and Baby Blue Ivy as fresh inspiration, all of her fans have been wondering when the new album will come out and what will the first single sound like. Will it be a ballad about the birth of her adorable new daughter? Or maybe a club hit like Run the World or Party? (more…)

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Local Natives- Hummingbird

Monday, February 25th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

MI0003480976LA born and bred Local Natives’ 2010 debut album, Gorilla Manor, was defined by its vocal layering, choral “oh’s” and “ah’s”, and blisfully chaotic melodicism that landed them a spot in the “bands to watch”. Some people attributed the success of Gorilla Manor to a well-executed conglomeration of indie influences like Broken Social Scene, The National, or Grizzly Bear. As a result, the release of their sophomore album, Hummingbird, has been highly anticipated.

Hummingbird has been said to be Local Natives’ “do or die” opportunity to either mature their sound and solidify their spot in the indie world or retire to the proverbial land of misfit indie bands. (more…)

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Lotte Kestner – The Bluebird of Happiness

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

lotte-bluebird-300x150When a relatively unknown name strikes out on their own apart from their bandmates, the stage is set for what usually ends up as a more experimental shift. Understandably, the solo album is a template for the creative juices that couldn’t fit within the frames of the band’s construct. Personal interests and tendencies seep in, and you’re left with a clearer picture of the artist by themselves, unobstructed apart from compromise or settling. This is what makes (more…)

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Pantha Du Prince and The Bell Laboratory – Elements of Light

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

The release is a collaboration between producer Hendrik Weber (a.k.a. Pantha Du Prince) and various percussionists, including a member of Jaga Jazzist, based out of Oslo, but its cohesive nature leads me to imagine while listening that it’s a product of a single band that’s known each other for decades. Weber’s technique was (more…)

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An Evening with Tegan & Sara

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

50ffdc63f1c3c.preview-300A flat tire, three broken brake lines, and four hours of traffic – the Universe really didn’t want me, an avid Tegan & Sara fan, to attend their concert in Richmond this weekend. Somehow, I made it to the National at seven ‘o’ clock on the nose – right when the doors opened – in time to purchase a t-shirt, order a gin and tonic, and sit up in the seats with all of the other L.o.T.’s – Lesbians Over Twenty-One.

It was my second time seeing the band live in concert, and the audience demographic hasn’t changed much: lesbians with half-shaved heads, lesbians with labret piercings, a random dad and his ten-year-old son, lesbians wearing visors, and hipsters in plaid. I’m all-too-aware that, after only 122 words, the word “lesbian” appears five times. It’s true, the twins have a reputation for attracting a certain crowd, but it only serves to create an incredibly tight-knit community of mutual worshippers and makes the shows all the more enjoyable.


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Night Visions: Imagine Dragons’ Big Debut

Friday, December 7th, 2012 by WLOY Staff

These Las Vegas rockers’ debut is high energy, with each track both as unique and catchy as the next. Its clean production and innovative percussion provide for an extraordinary desire to sing-a-long with these upbeat tracks. Each song has multiple explosive moments, which speaks to the recent shift towards dance-influenced music. But all the while, Imagine Dragons maintains their rocker image without getting lost in the allure of over-production or synthesizing. (more…)

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