Album Review: Gift Shop-Jokes Jokes Jokes

January 26th, 2017 by WLOY Staff

Review by: Stephen Vanyo

Gift Shop– Jokes Jokes Jokes

Rate: 9.5/10

I had the chance to catch Gift Shop live when one of my bands played the same show that they did in a garage in suburban Nazareth PA. The PA was quiet and noise were just bouncing off the walls but even with all that, they sounded like they belonged on much larger stages. Gift Shop is the project started by former members of the gone-to-soon pop punk act Grandview as well as fellow massachusetts band The Dirty Looks. 

This Debut EP speaks to a large maturation from the members previous project into something new entirely. Gift Shop effortlessly employs several dynamic changes into their songs to create contrast and moods that range from the quiet and remorseful to utter confusion. 
The lyrics on the record speak to a young coming-of-age, struggling the balance between chasing their dreams and settling for what will make them money. It’s a record about being 23 years old and scared about the future but truly knowing that in the end, everything is going to end up alright. 
The record has a very much of a lo-fi feel which at times helps make the music feel more real and humble but at times detracts from the performance. Sometimes in the more high-energy moments of the songs the vocals get lost within the wall of sound coming from the instruments. All in all, this record by far exceeds the expectations for any band’s debut EP and the musical performances are truly intriguing. 
This record will resonate with anyone trying to navigate the world and it throws in a few specific lines that will have college students perk their ears up. 
Make Sure to pick up Jokes Jokes Jokes from Gift Shop from their bandcamp page at:


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