Album Review: Fractal Cats – The Tower

January 31st, 2017 by WLOY Staff

Review by: Claire Riley

Fractal Cat – The Tower

Rate: 8.5/10

LIYL: Brooks Long and the MadDogNoGood, Pink Floyd, Stanley Roots

Local Baltimore band Fractal Cat released their third album “The Tower” on the 26th of this month. It can now be streamed online via Spotify and Apple music and purchased on iTunes and CD as well.  Previous albums include “Loving Kind” released in 2014 and “The Eye in The Dawn” released in 2012. All three albums have a similar musical style, so if you liked “The Tower,” check the other two! As a band inspired by the golden age of rock n roll when legends like Buddy Holly and Smokey Robinson dominated the music world, Fractal Cat is known for their personal twist of trippy, psychedelic rock.

Fractal Cat plays up hints of Pink Floyd and post-Beatlemania inspiration while providing almost 90s/early 2000s-esque vocals in their new album. “The Tower” is chock-full of whimsically trippy guitar riffs that contrast but also mesh perfectly with prominent drumming and acoustic guitar. The lyrics to each unique song serve to unite the entire album into a theme of enduring hardships and overcoming difficulties, both personal and societal, but having wisdom from the past, solid support in the present, and unfading hope for the future. Fractal Cat seems to have a strong and successful grasp of the music world; a grasp that is holding great and indefinite potential and I look forward to the release of many albums in the future.

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