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May 11th, 2017 by WLOY Staff

The British rock band, [itunes link=”″ title=”Don Broco” text=”Don Broco”], has been around since 2008, but have just embarked on their first US tour. Aside from having the pleasure of interviewing the band, I had the opportunity of seeing them live at Baltimore Soundstage.

Anyone who knows Baltimore, knows that the music fans of the city are very hard to please, especially the pop punk scene, who have seen acts like Modern Baseball, All Time Low and many more jump off to headlining acts at major festivals and their own tours. And to be honest, Don Broco is definitely the odd ball out when looking at the bill. They are lined up with bands like: With Confidence, Against the Current and State Champs. Fortunately, there were a few fans there, but Don Broco definitely had a challenge ahead of them.

For the first three songs, I was in the put taking photos, but from the start of the show, Don Broco commanded the stage. Lead singer, Rob, engaged the crowd and even jumped off the stage and into the crowd. At one point, he orchestrated a wall of death and proceeded to jump into the middle of that wall. Bassist Tom, guitarist Simon (Si) and drummer Matt flawlessly recreating the immense sound off their sophomore album, [itunes link=”″ title=”Automatic” text=”Automatic”]. It is very evident, that though this is their first US tour, they were veteran performers. Don Broco faced some technical difficulties but nevertheless they persevered. Don Broco, showed up and showed out. Electrifying rock riffs moving between clean and distorted sounds spearheaded by Si, funky and innovative bass lines by Tom, punching and hard hitting drums of Matt and the final layer of Rob jelled so well together. The band performed as if it was their own headlining show, though the crowd was not that receptive, from a some bobbing heads here and there, it was evident that the band had garnered many new fans.

Fortunately, the band had also released the music video for their new single, “[itunes link=”″ title=”Pretty” text=”Pretty”]” a few days before having their Baltimore show. The charm city, got quite the surprise of having their city be the first city for which they performed this new single. The song and the band definitely were starting to win over this very punk Baltimore crowd. Their final song, [itunes link=”″ title=”Money Power Fame” text=”Money Power Fame”] was the high they needed to end off their incredible night. It is upbeat fused with a hardcore edge but fun enough to get the crowd going and jumping on their feet.  Unfortunately, their set was about 30-45 minutes long , but they undoubtedly wet the palate of Charm city and the reception was immense. Baltimore definitely seems like they would like to see more of Don Broco, and the anticipation for the next album is massive. It goes without saying that Baltimore definitely would welcome back Don Broco.

If you have a chance to see them before the US stint ends, you should definitely do it. It is definitely one of the best bands I have seen live (props to their sound guy). If you cannot catch a show before they leave, make sure you pick up their album,[itunes link=”″ title=”Automatic” text=” Automatic”], out now as well as their new single, [itunes link=”″ title=”Pretty” text=”Pretty”]. Don Broco is definitely destined for something big and you do not want to miss out, hon.



  • [itunes link=”″ title=”Everybody” text=”Everybody”]
  • [itunes link=”″ title=”You Wanna Know” text=”You wanna know”]
  • [itunes link=”″ title=”Automatic” text=”Automatic”]
  • [itunes link=”″ title=”Pretty” text=”Pretty”]
  • [itunes link=”″ title=”What You Do to Me ” text=”What you do to me”]
  • [itunes link=”″ title=”Nerve” text=”Nerve”]
  • [itunes link=”″ title=”Money Power Fame” text=”Money Power Fame”]

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