RadioEdu Week 12: Part One

Friday, December 13th, 2013 by Jonathan Prozzi

Concepts: Cutting Loops, Advanced Editing, Recording Vocals over Soundbeds

This was a tremendously productive week for the students! We covered so many valuable topics that I need to write a two part blog entry to cover everything. Since we had two abbreviated yet successful weeks, this was a very invigorating week and the students demonstrated that they have not forgotten anything during our shortened sessions.

We began by revisiting J’s piece from last week: his first attempt at recording a ‘Top Ten’ over a looped soundbed that he created. The students listened to the mix and provided their feedback, and J was able to analyze his mix and offer input on the things that he did and what he would change. I also briefly introduced the Phaser effect, and the students had fun listening to the impact it had on morphing audio, especially vocals and drum sounds. We will revisit the Phaser next week.

Since the students had two snow days this week, I decided to have them do an impromptu radio show about the things that they liked and disliked about the snow, and what they did during their time off. The purpose of this exercise was to emphasize the importance of transitions and smoothness during a radio show, and they have noticeably improved their abilities to talk with little downtime!

In the Wednesday afternoon session, we focused on more advanced skills involved in manipulating and editing audio loops. We reviewed the previous techniques, and both J and M were given the task to create a 30-40 second track that would serve as a soundbed for a segment that they were to record at the end of the session.

M began right away, and started with a drum track and then layered in some piano, sound fx, and synths. She came up with the arrangement herself, and cut and looped the audio to match what she envisioned. She then worked through the mix herself to optimize the sound.

On to part 2!

M’s Beat


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Theatre Thursday: BSO Holiday Cirque

Thursday, December 12th, 2013 by Samantha Chemali

CirqueMusicaHoliday_130x130What: BSO Holiday Cirque

When: Wednesday, December 11, 2 p.m.; Friday, December 13, 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Saturday, December 14, 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday, December 15, 2 p.m.

Where: Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, 1212 Cathedral Street

Holiday Cirque will get you into the spirit of the season! Bring the entire family to hear holiday favorites while experiencing an awe-inspiring performance by the majestic Cirque Musica. Stunning aerial feats, strongmen and mind-boggling contortionists will take your breath away in this ultimate holiday extravaganza.

Tickets start at $31! Click here for more information.

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WLOY Picks Ten Christmas Classics

Friday, December 6th, 2013 by The Professor

DJ_Santa Well, maybe we picked 11, because we play music and can’t count.  Ok, give us a break.  We polled a few current and former staff members to see what they can’t live without at Christmas time.  You know, the music that makes them enjoy the season, not want to shove pencils in their ears if they have to hear it one more time (Elmo & Patsy, we’re looking at you).  And because we care about you, our listeners, we even threw in an iTunes link so you can add them to your own playlists at home (you’re welcome).  Here they are in no particular order, along with a reminder to get into the spirit of the season and share your gifts with others : (more…)

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RadioEdu Week 10 & 11

Friday, December 6th, 2013 by Jonathan Prozzi

Concepts: Advanced Audio Editing, Interview Skills

Hello everyone! The last two weeks have been abbreviated due to Thanksgiving and holiday travel plans, so I’ve decided to do a quick post combining the session notes for each week. We’ve been focusing on expanding our editing skills, and further building on the techniques involved in creating loop-based compositions. Thanksgiving week, J was able to work in depth on a piece he’s envisioned as the backdrop soundbed for one of his ‘Top Ten’ lists. In creating the piece, he was able to select several source audio files and cut them into individual slices, and then process several of the slices.

Through this project, he discovered the ‘reverse selection’ function and began to experiment with organizing his cut audio into completely new clips, integrating several of the newly reversed slices. This is a very advanced concept and requires precision with cutting and a solid ear for layering the resulting clips. He then created a working soundbed from his track and recorded himself speaking over it, marking the first session in which one of the students recorded over a soundbed that they created!

I also had J take a few moments to teach his classmates some of his secrets for chopping and pasting audio. I’ve posted the resulting short beat that he created to show them. He looped a drum break and then cut a vocal line and matched it using the visual element of the waveforms.

Since we had only one session the week of 12/2, we focused on reviewing interview skills and discussing future plans. As a proof of concept, we did a 15 minute ‘talk show’ and the students have all improved so much in their confidence levels, question asking, and with the ‘unseen’ skills such as mic awareness.

We look forward to getting back on our regular schedule next week!

J’s ‘Happy Waves’ Soundbed


J Top Ten Worst Characters


J Teaching Cuts


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Wacky Wednesday: Hot Chocolate Happy Hour

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013 by Samantha Chemali

hotchocolateWhat: Hot Chocolate Happy Hour 

When: Tuesdays : 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (December 3rd through December 17th)

Where: Harbor East

Who would pass up free hot chocolate? Warm up with complimentary hot chocolate on Tuesday nigths in December at Harbor East’s Hot Chocolate Happy Hour, sponsored by Whole Foods Market. You can drop into the market or just bump into one of Whole Foods “team members” passing out the beverages in the Harbor East district. Look for the Harbor East elves strolling the neighborhood delivering warm cups of hot chocolate!

Visit this website for more information!

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Seahawks Make A Statement Monday Night

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 by Justin Thomas

UnknownThe Monday Night Football game between the Saints and the Seahawks promised a great contest between the top two teams in the NFC. The Seahawks set out to make a statement and prove that there is a large gap between one and two in the NFC.

Mission accomplished! The Seahawks had their way with the Saints at home in Seattle, winning by a convincing score of 34-7. With the win, Seattle improves to an 11-1 record on the season, a full two games above the next NFC teams, which are the Saints and the Panthers.


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Staff Picks: Dries’ Best Albums of 2013

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 by Billy Dries

Blood Orange - CoverBlood Orange – Cupid Deluxe – [itunes link=”″ title=”Itunes”]

With his sophomore release, Blood Orange delivered an absolute masterpiece. The R&B meets disco groove of the album immediately captured me and drew me in. From the first track, “Chamkay”, to the closing, “Time Will Tell”, the album keeps the listener guessing, weaving in and out of multiple genres it gets almost anybody on their feet and dancing.



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The Great Russian Nutcracker – Moscow Ballet

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 by The Professor

Once again, WLOY scores you a chance to do something cultural and even seasonally-relevant!  On December 21, for one day only, the Moscow Ballet will put on 3 performances of The Great Russian Nutcracker.  WLOY has tickets for you for the 12 noon show.  Want to win a pair?  Of course you do!  Come to our Late Night Concert Thursday December 5 from 9-11pm in McGuire Hall, enter at our table during the Live at Boulder remote broadcast Friday December 6, noon-2pm or listen in to the station for your chance to win one of the 4 pairs of tickets we’re giving away! Don’t miss out on this one day show – get your own tickets now!

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LATE NIGHT CONCERT: Sweet Leda & Swampcandy

Monday, December 2nd, 2013 by Joe Lomuti

latenightdec5_2013Now that the gorging has subsided, let us not merely lie static in a stomach ache, but use this newly acquire sustenance for the ultimate cause–musical celebration! Baltimore’s own Sweet Leda & Swamp Candy will be puttin’ the jam in your cranberry jelly, and mashin’ up some funky beats for your post-thanksgiving cool-down. But don’t get me wrong, these performances will be anything but cold leftovers. The musical ingenuity of these bands will shock you out of your chairs, and on to the dance floor with some boogie in your step. Also, special guest Ron Holloway, esteemed saxophonist will be joinin’ the melodies. Check out Sweet Leda and Swampcandy for a little taste before the feast. Show start Thursday, December 5th @ 9pm, McGuire Hall.

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Food Fridays: Fells Point Food Tour

Friday, November 29th, 2013 by Samantha Chemali

fellspicWhat: Fells Point Food Tour

When:Wednesdays-Sundays between 3:00 and 6:30 pm

Where:  Meets near Broadway Market in Fells Point (The exact meeting location will be provided upon ticket purchase)

Explore parts of Baltimore’s best preserved historic district that was founded nearly 280 years ago! Experience and learn about the significance of the small town once separated from Baltimore on this guided, narrated tour. During the tour, you will stop to sample specially made dishes at unique family owned restaurants. you will gain a true appreciation of the areas heritage, history and local food!

For $58 dollars you can take this tour too! Click here for more information.


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