AOTW: Hippo Campus – “Wasteland”

Monday, May 8th, 2023 by Liz Kosik

by Anabel Martin Llanusa ’25

Album of the Week: Hippo Campus“Wasteland”

Released: April 2023

Rate: 8/10

RIYL: Vampire Weekend, Ed Sheeran, Vacation Manor, COIN

Hippo Campus is an American indie rock band that recently released its newest album, Wasteland. The tracks on this album provided a light, happy melody and were primarily the reason I enjoyed it so much. Despite most of the lyrics centering around pain and love, the message is still positive and encouraging.

Some of my favorite songs were “Honeysuckle” and “Probably.” The lyrics for “Honeysuckle” are not intensely deep, but the soothing melody of the song enhances a lighter mood. “Probably” reminds me of Ed Sheeran’s, “Happier”. Both pieces have a similar tone and guitar sequence but Hippo Campus diverges with their unique addition of the piano in “Probably.” Also if you enjoy country music, “Kick in the Teeth” is a super cute love song (despite the title lol). There are only five songs on the album, so give this album an easy listen on your way to class!


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Phoneboy Interview

Thursday, May 4th, 2023 by The Professor

Back in March our intrepid DJ/Production Manager Ben Ostrowski ’24 caught up with one of the station’s favorite bands Phoneboy for a chat about their start, college, recoding, touring and advice for DIY bands getting their start. We lost the interview for a moment, but in the meanwhile they’ve posted their second Album of the Week here at WLOY. Listen now before they sell out 10 nights at Madison Square Garden!

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SOTW: Kay Young – “Woe Is Me”

Wednesday, April 26th, 2023 by Liz Kosik

by Anabel Martin Llanusa ’25

Kay Young“Woe Is Me”

Released: March 2023

Rate: 8/10

Kay Young’s new hit explores the sounds of jazz and R&B. “Woe Is Me” is a track on Young’s upcoming album, which will be released on April 14th, 2023. The melodies of the song resemble a neo-soul vibe, definitely evoking a sense of warmth in the listener. (more…)

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Vinylthon 2023 Day 2

Friday, April 21st, 2023 by The Professor

SUNDAY April 23 – Day 2 of VINYLTHON
Here’s the lineup for the second 24 hours of WLOY’s first 48 hour VINYLTHON

12:00a John C Vintage Vinyl Finds (2nd Hr)
1:00a WVLC Alumni Vinyl Hour
2:00a Vinyl Staff Show
3:00a Steve Celebrates Friends Records
4:00a Tara’s Double Shot of Vinyl (2hrs)
5:00a Tara’s Double Shot of Vinyl
6:00a Mike The Psych 2 Sides Live (2hrs)
7:00a Mike The Psych 2 Sides Live
8:00a Bimbo Chronicles Vinyl Hour
9:00a Pursuit of Felicity Vinyl Hour
10:00a Anna’s Vinylthon Hour
11:00a Coffee Break Vinyl Hour
3:00p WLCR/WVLC Alumni LIVE
4:00p WLCR/WVLC Alumni LIVE
5:00p WLCR/WVLC Alumni LIVE
6:00p Staff Show Live Vinyl Hour
7:00p Volcanic Vinyl Hour 2
8:00p Retro Eddies 33-1/3 Hour
9:00p Tara’s Vinyl Hour
10:00p Analia’s Melancholy Vinyl Mix
11:00p Mike The Psych Frampton Vinyl Hour

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Vinylthon 2023 Day 1

Friday, April 21st, 2023 by The Professor

SATURDAY April 22 – Day 1 of VINYLTHON
Here’s the lineup for the first 24 hours of WLOY’s first 48 hour VINYLTHON

12:00a Vinyl Spin Sessions w/Paul Random
1:00a Welcome to Vinylthon 2023 Special (2hrs)
2:00a Welcome to Vinylthon 2023 Special
3:00a The Professor with Guitars & Cars
4:00a Retro Rockin’ (Vinyl) Road Show (2hrs)
5:00a Retro Rockin’ (Vinyl) Road Show
6:00a Queen Marge’s Vinyl Exploration (2hrs)
7:00a Queen Marge’s Vinyl Exploration
8:00a Moldie Oldies Vinyl Hour
9:00a Vinyl Staff Show
10:00a Anna’s First Vinyl Show
11:00a Retro Eddie’s 45rpm Jukebox
5:00p Discovery Hour Vinyl Show
6:00p Daniel’s First Vinyl Show
7:00p Volcanic Vinyl Hour 1
8:00p Anna & Dad Live
9:00p Anna & Dad Live
10:00p The Professor Spins Locals Only
11:00p John C Vintage Vinyl Finds (2hrs)

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Vinylthon Raffle Prizes

Friday, April 21st, 2023 by The Professor

48 hours of Music and Prizes

It’s VINYLTHON 2023 and we are spinning 48 straight hours of nothing but vinyl starting at midnight! As a bonus for listeners we also put together a fun selection of vinyl prizes and one very special surprise mega prize! Enter to win with a raffle ticket at the SAGDAW event on campus today (Friday 4/21 2-5p), follow us on Instagram and listen in for other chances to win!

During this weekend’s VINYLTHON our staff will draw a winner LIVE every hour 12-5pm Saturday and Sunday to win one of the new vinyl records below:

Band of Horses
Vulture Whale (180gm)
Guns For Radios
Ian Kashani
Joy On Fire (45rpm)
Happy Abandon
Yolanda (10”)
Modern Nomad (Pink Vinyl)

During the 6-7pm Sunday Staff Show our team will draw the grand prize winner of a Planetary Records Slipmat AND an exclusive special release from WAX MAGE RECORDS! We don’t even know what it is… the crazed creator behind Wax Mage has promised a special surprise that will be “sick” so you know you want it. WE want it but we can’t win our own prizes and we aren’t letting anyone quit to qualify.

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Vinylthon 2023 – Saturday, April 22-23

Wednesday, April 19th, 2023 by Liz Kosik

VINYLTHON is here this weekend from April 22 – 23rd! It’s time to celebrate what you can do with some metal presses and 180gm of vinyl. Vinylton is an annual college radio celebration of vinyl where stations all over the world play 24 hours of vinyl programming! This year’s special is bigger than ever and will span 48 hours of vinyl programming! Make sure you tune in to WLOY on April 22nd, as we begin our weekend-long celebration. And don’t forget to check out wloy_radio on Instagram for some favorite vinyl picks from our staff!

Oh, and did we mention WHY this is Vinylthon weekend? It all started as a celebration of the small but mighty record store. Every year there are Record Store Day events that include rare vinyl releases, sales, crazy lines and a general excitement over those lovely pieces of squished vinyl. So we are here to celebrate Record Store Day 2023 and mention just a few of the many record stores here in town.

As a bonus it’s also Alumni Weekend at Loyola so you can expect a lot of people spinning records and making unforced errors as they try to restore their DJ muscle memories 😉

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Mark Hopkins – Studio Seizure

Tuesday, April 4th, 2023 by The Professor

We are very excited to have Studio Seizure return with great local guitarist (among other things) Mark Hopkins. Mark has played numerous shows on campus for us (rumor has it he liked one of our posters enough to swipe it). He’s fronted his own bands The Hotel, The Pretty War and is back with the resurrected Tribe of Ben.

Did we mention he’s also got a great interview podcast of his own and is perpetually playing with all manner of guitar pedals. Sit back and enjoy a deeper dive into what makes his musical mind happy, and how Pearl Jam and Dawes are currently battle for #1 in his heart. Studio Seizure returns 7pm Tuesday!

YouTube Videos
YouTube Streams
Tribe of Ben info

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The Prime: Pop through the Ages

Wednesday, March 29th, 2023 by Liz Kosik

by Liz Kosik ’25

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: House Pop

RIYL: Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia

WLOY is happy to introduce the new series: The Prime! Our station DJs have done an excellent job of bringing their fans all the hottest hits and coolest throwbacks, so… why not provide some background on the music we all know and love? The series will span a spectrum of genres such as alternative, pop, and rock. We’re super excited to dive deeper into the subgenres, affiliated bands, and even some song suggestions! (more…)

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Upcoming in April!

Monday, March 27th, 2023 by Liz Kosik

Happy April Fools (early)! Although the day is dedicated to the jokesters, WLOY knows how to keep it real with you 😉 We’re excited to share some upcoming events with our wonderful community to bring in the first day of the month. Stay tuned for Album/Song of the Week, DJ Spotlights, and a few new ideas from our WLOY PR team.

Songwriter Skirmish will take place on Saturday, April 1st with Relay for Life! WLOY will be DJing for the event and welcome all to request a song of their choice for $1 in support of Relay for Life. Battle of the Bands will take place on Thursday, April 13th. The winner of Songwriter Skirmish will be the first act of Loyolapalooza, and the Battle of the Bands winner will open for the national headliner! (Any guesses of who it is…) Loyolapalooza will take place on Sunday, April 30th.  Enter for Songwriter Skirmish or Battle of the Bands HERE! 

April 21-23rd is Alumni Weekend but it’s also WLOY’s Record Store Day Vinylthon! Normally we run 24 hours of nothing but shows played from real records but this year we are trying for 48 hours! Tune in for some great records to win and more! Stay tuned for more information 🙂

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