The Encore: Arts Fishing Club

Wednesday, June 5th, 2024 by Liz Kosik

by Liz Kosik ’25 

WLOY presents “The Encore,” where we spotlight our favorite bands that have visited the station. First up: Arts Fishing Club!

Arts Fishing Club, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, is a band with a story as interesting as their sound. The group formed through the meeting of Christopher Kessenich, Matt Siffert, Jimi Greene, Brian Kempson, and Peter Eddins. Each member brings their own musical journey and influences, creating a personalized blend of folk, alt-country, and indie rock. Their sound definitely resonates with their audience, building a 75,000 monthly listener count on Spotify. With their dynamic live performances, they have shared the stage with renowned artists like Langhorne Slim, Darlingside, and The Last Bison, cementing their place in the contemporary music scene. (more…)

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Vakili Band Interview (2023)

Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 by The Professor

They came back 🙂 In studio with the Vakili Band during a stop on their way from NY to their show in DC at The Pocket tonight.

Ben Ostrowski ’24 once again hung out with Lily and the full band for their second in studio visit. It’s always great to have bands revisit when they have new material. We had them hang out for an hour to talk about their 3rd and latest release Honey, touring and more. Rumor has it they may do a show with Crown Me King (Ben’s band…). We can’t wait for them to come back in the spring for a show in Baltimore.

Meanwhile check out their new album and listen to the interview in case you missed it live.

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The Courettes Interview

Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 by The Professor

The fabulous Courettes (Martin and Flavia Couri) from Denmark sat down with me to chat about their upcoming tour in the US, their new US-only orange vinyl release “Boom! Dynamite” and more. We discussed their home studio that they designed to recreate the infamous Wall of Sound from legendary producer (and dangerous lunatic) Phil Spector. Timed perfectly to be ready for the pandemic, they were able to hardness the lockdown to write and record more songs for an upcoming album. Catch them at the Runway in DC 10/3 or right here in town at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore on 10/4 with DJ Rob Macy and The Flying Faders. It’s going to be a blast. They may even stop by the station!

Stay tuned to learn how you can win one of the 1000 limited edition orange vinyl copies of Boom! Dynamite before it even reaches the stores!

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Dreamgaze Studio Seizure with The Holy Circle

Thursday, August 31st, 2023 by The Professor

Join 2/3 of the local shoegaze band The Holy Circle for a new Studio Seizure tonight at 7! Terence and Rob (Erica was busy building a classroom) stopped by the station with armloads of vinyl to spin a great blend of shoegaze and “shoegaze adjacent” bands.

We chatted about their upcoming show this weekend (9/2 at The Crown) and the start of a cool new event Dreamgaze that they will be hosting at the Crown. Expect a ton of great rare shoegaze bands in this episode and maybe a couple you know as well.

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Arts Fishing Club Interview

Tuesday, July 18th, 2023 by The Professor

We were thrilled to welcome our Song of the Week winners, the guys from Arts Fishing Club who stopped by on the way to their show at MilkBoy in Philadelphia! Well actually just Christopher Kessenich (lead singer/songwriter) and Chancy (lead guitar) made it to the studio as the other guys were off at Miss Shirleys loading up on food for the drive 🙂

DJ Johnny Cozza sat down with them and talked about songwriting, the Nashville scene, playing Bonnaroo, and much more.

As a bonus they played his song request “Doug’s Song” live for us. It’s in the interview so listen all the way through for a great rendition of the song. They have tour dates through at least September so try to catch them when they’re in your town!

(Apologies for the overdriven audio at the start, it gets better shortly.)

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Phoneboy Interview

Thursday, May 4th, 2023 by The Professor

Back in March our intrepid DJ/Production Manager Ben Ostrowski ’24 caught up with one of the station’s favorite bands Phoneboy for a chat about their start, college, recoding, touring and advice for DIY bands getting their start. We lost the interview for a moment, but in the meanwhile they’ve posted their second Album of the Week here at WLOY. Listen now before they sell out 10 nights at Madison Square Garden!

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Jon Anderson (YES) Interview (TVC)

Monday, March 20th, 2023 by The Professor

Our man on the volcano, Daniel Jones got the chance to sit down with not 1, but 2 members of one of the foundational bands of progressive rock: YES. Last week it was keyboardist Rick Wakeman and this week singer Jon Anderson.

It turns out Jon has a vast love of Hawaii as a spiritual retreat and he and Daniel found a ton of overlapping literature and music. We get to hear a lot of fun stories and learn more about new projects Jon has going, along with his tour. In case you don’t know Daniel hosts the weekly deep dive into classic rock, blues and more on The Volcano Chronicles, Wednesday nights 7-9pm Eastern and Hawaii times.

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Rick Wakeman (YES) Interview (TVC)

Sunday, March 12th, 2023 by The Professor

Our man on the volcano, Daniel Jones gets the chance to sit down with not 1, but 2 members of one of the foundational bands of progressive rock: YES!

This week it’s keyboardist Rick Wakeman CBE and stay tuned for next week with lead singer Jon Anderson. Quite the amazing back-to-back conversations! Rick talks to Daniel about the upcoming tour, roots of his musical education, family and why he dropped out of the Royal College. Imagine being given the choice to work with David Bowie and YES on the same day! Or encountering Salvador Dali on your stage. Check this out and don’t miss next week with Jon Anderson!

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DJ Spotlight: The Starry Night Show

Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 by Liz Kosik

Show name: The Starry Night Show

DJs: Sophie LaBella and Nez Blaho

When: Saturdays 8-9pm

Q: Tell us a bit about your show

A: The Starry Night Show. The theme is pretty much just music we both really enjoy! We have super similar music tastes (91% match on Spotify) and want to share some of our favorite songs with everyone. We also have a section towards the end of our set where we both throw it back/slow it down with more relaxing, “oldie” style music that everyone remembers. Both Nez and I love art (Nez is a theatre major and I am a studio art minor) so our show reflects our love of art through our name with Van Gogh. 🙂 (more…)

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DJ Spotlight: Coffee Break

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 by Liz Kosik

Show name: Coffee Break

DJs: Charlie Wahlberg and Caitlin Cavanaugh ’24

When: Tuesdays Noon-1pm

Q: Tell us a little bit about your show

A: Coffee Break. I host the show with Caitlin Cavanaugh, each week we try a coffee shop in the Baltimore area and review it for the show. We like to play some of our current favorite music, which is a mix of R&B, and indie music. Some of our favorite artists are SZA, Tame Impala, and Noah Kahan. We also discuss pop culture, some of our personal experiences as college students at Loyola, etc. (more…)

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