Mondo Cozmo Interview

Sunday, October 15th, 2017 by The Professor

WLOY GM Tara Howell sat down with Josh Ostrander from Mondo Cozmo ahead of their October 23 show at Baltimore Soundstage to discuss how this barely one year old project had exploded everywhere. From The Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza to Jimmy Kimmel Live, it’s been a rocket ride. Hint: although it seems like it, this wasn’t an overnight sensation, Josh has paid his dues…


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Purrer Interview

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 by The Professor

WLOY Local Music Director Stephen Vanyo ’17 catches up with Amanda Glasser of Baltimore’s Purrer at the Metro Gallery for their show with Us and Us Only and The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die… Listen up and maybe you will know why they’re genre’d as sparkle sludge, or maybe not? Recorded 1/29/17.

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Us and Us Only Interview

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 by The Professor

WLOY PR Director Cara Hullings ’19 catches up with Baltimore’s Us and Us Only at the Metro Gallery for their show with Purrer and The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die… Us and Us Only recently signed to Topshelf Records, and are ready to break out. Recorded 1/29/17.
(new edit uploaded 8/8/17)

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Rain The Shining Interview

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 by The Professor

Baltimore music collective Rain The Shining (at the time represented by Ryan Smith ’02) sat down with Brendan to chat and play a few songs. This is a recently unearthed lost interview from 2005!…

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Louise Harrison Interviews

Sunday, March 5th, 2017 by The Professor

Tim Tilghman of Radio RockonTour (Wednesdays noon-2pm) has had many chances to pursue his Beatles obsession, but no one has been a more frequent guest on the show than Louise Harrison, sister of George (yes that one) Harrison. Here is the most recent chat with Ms. Harrison on WLOY and we apologize for the bonus phone noises…

Louise Harrison on RROT 2/27/17 Part 1
Louise Harrison on RROT 2/27/17 Part 2
Louise Harrison on RROT 2/23/15

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Teju Cole Interview

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 by The Professor

photo credit: Teju Cole/Tim Knox

© Tim Knox / eyevine

Our beloved Queen Marge got a few minutes with Teju Cole when he was on campus to deliver the 2017 Martin Luther King Convocation. Teju Cole, an award-winning writer, art historian, and photographer who is currently the Distinguished Writer in Residence at Bard College and photography critic of the New York Times Magazine. As a public intellectual, Cole is well positioned to bring together campus conversations about urban engagement, civic engagement, global engagement, and racial justice.

Cole was born in the US in 1975 to Nigerian parents, raised in Nigeria, and currently lives in Brooklyn. He is the author of two books, a novella, Every Day is for the Thief, named a book of the year by the New York Times, the Globe and Mail, NPR, and the Telegraph, and shortlisted for the PEN/Open Book Award, and a novel, Open City, which also featured on numerous book of the year lists, and won the PEN/Hemingway Award, the New York City Book Award for Fiction, the Rosenthal Award of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and shortlisted for the National Book Critics Circle Award, the New York Public Library Young Lions Award, and the Ondaatje Prize of the Royal Society of Literature. His first book of essays, Known and Strange Things, came out in August and features his influential essay, “The White Savior Industrial Complex” among a wide variety of other essays on politics, arts, culture, history, and contemporary global experience.

Listen to the interview

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Hannibal Buress Interview

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 by The Professor

hannibal-buress-color-2-courtesy-of-comedy-central-jpg It started with a tweet by Hannibal (@hannibalburess) asking if anyone in the Baltimore/DC area wanted to have him come on their show and rap. Challenge accepted, intrepid DJ Matt Weinberg ’17 chased the dream. A few hours later, arrangements were being made and the next morning we had Hannibal on the phone from DC. He didn’t rap, but he did talk about a lot of things – from kicking (or maybe not) Flavor Flav in the face to helping Matt and co-host Mike Dayao ’18 name their show. It’s now officially “The Garbage Can and The Man”, in case you’re wondering. Hannibal Buress will be in Baltimore for a show at the Meyerhoff tomorrow night, but for now, you can hear him here!


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Swamp Cabbage Interview

Monday, October 3rd, 2016 by The Professor

Swamp Cabbage Jive CDIt’s taken several tries to catch the slippery Swamp Cabbage and get them in the studio. We’ve had them play a show in Florida, had Walter Parks stop by a couple of times solo, waved “Hi” to Jagoda on the LIE, but Jim just won’t leave the swamp. Finally, we did it. I’m still not quite sure what happened, or if we actually talked about music because we were laughing so much. One thing is sure, if they ever decide to put away the Greco-Roman wrestling costumes and dock the iron lung, Swamp Cabbage has a second career in comedy. Listen in as Walter Parks, Jagoda and the ever-elusive Jim DeVito talk Swamp Cabbage, the honor of playing Katz’s Deli and mis-translating Spanish.

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Metalachi Studio Seizure 9/9/16

Monday, September 19th, 2016 by The Professor

metalachi-outside-wloy How do you explain the brilliant madness that is Metalachi? And, more to the point, who in their right mind would give them control of a radio station?! We did. For 90 minutes the station was seized by a mad mix of heavy metal, mariachi music and George Michael… Yes, seriously. The band stopped by on the second night of their East Coast tour to hang out with our GM Tara and give her a dose of their show. Not only did they select all the music for the show, they even allowed us to play the advance version of their cover of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” which will be appearing on their upcoming second album, shockingly titled “Dos”. We will have some video and more photos to follow, but for now, we’re just busy trying to find the N’Sync bobble heads.

Show list:
Baby Got Back- Sir Mix Lot
She Blinded me with Science – Thomas “I live in Baltimore now” Dolby
Careless Whisper – George Michael
Ember City- Mastadon
Remember the Time- Michael Jackson
Have You Ever Loved a Woman- Bryan Adams
Tits- John Paragon (actually we couldn’t play this one for obvious reasons, but they wanted to)
Final Countdown- Europe
Holy Diver- Dio


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Jackyl Interview

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016 by The Professor

Jackyl ROWYCO Cover It’s a Hard Rock Life host Matt Weitzel caught up with Jackyl frontman Jesse James Dupree to talk about the heavy touring life, a new album [itunes link=”″ title=”Jackyl – ROWYCO” text=”ROWYCO”] and playing the chainsaw.

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