Double Dose Gets Intimate with Nina Davuluri, Miss America

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 by Joe Lomuti

nina-340x440This past week WLOY’s own Jordan and Joelle Hernandez, hosts of our radio show Double Dose of Entertainment, had the opportunity to sit down with Loyola’s keynote speaker¬†Nina Davuluri for an exclusive interview. Double Dose lead the discussion, directing Miss America to speak briefly on her experiences with the prestigious competition and her sentiments of the Miss America organization in context of ethnic diversity.

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Cashius Green Interview

Thursday, April 10th, 2014 by The Professor

cashiusgreen_1re18x10lr The ladies of Double Dose (that would be Jordan & Joelle Hernandez ’14) sat down with local hip-hop artist and designer Cashius Green to talk music, art, style and commerce.


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Travis McKeveny Interview

Monday, April 7th, 2014 by Rachel

1962727_10202297104323684_867431404_nThe wonderfully talented Travis McKeveny came into the studio with Kat and Rae before his late night coffee house with WLOY on March 13th. He answered some interesting questions about his musical experiences and writing process. In addition to sharing some fun stories about his sister and currently WLOY Staffer Kathleen McKeveny, who had the chance to be in the studio for that experience. The duo was very funny and we thoroughly enjoyed interviewing them. Listen to the full audio below along with his in studio performance of two original songs. Travis debuted his song “First Light” on the show along with the first track off of his first album Last Years Leaves, “The House Where You Live ,” exclusively on Kat and Rae.


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Sevyn Streeter Interview

Monday, March 24th, 2014 by The Professor

Jordan & Joelle Hernandez sat down with Sevyn Streeter after her performance at Baltimore Soundstage to talk about her life, touring, Beyonce (it is Jordan and Joelle after all) and more.

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Queen B. Interview

Thursday, March 13th, 2014 by Rachel

QueenB smallKat and Rae sat down with QueenEarth, Janice B. and their producer Maurice, who collectively make up QueenB. on February 18th. The talented two piece band puts out harmonious, acoustic tracks that combine ¬†guitar, beautiful vocals and rap. Their songs preach love and acceptance, and are chill-inducing. QueenEarth is a WLOY alum, being a former DJ and staffer, so this visit wasn’t her first rodeo. The interview was laugh filled, and we even learned where their cupcakes allegiance lay. (more…)

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Eliza and Johnny Doering Interview

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 by Rachel

Eliza and Johnny 2Eliza and Johnny stopped by WLOY on Thursday, January 30th, for an interview on Kat and Rae in the Morning and a coffeehouse that evening. Kat and I were graced with an in studio performance, which included their songs Blue and Down By The Sea. The siblings are members of local band, Eliza Doering and the Penny Black. Kat and I got some insight to their start as a band and what they’re working on now. Their fun in studio performance, along with their full interview can be found below.



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Kenny Ferrier Interview

Friday, January 17th, 2014 by Rachel

Philadelphia based singer/songwriter Kenny Ferrier came down to Baltimore back in October, 2013 for an interview, on air performance and Coffee House performance for WLOY and Loyola. During his Coffee House he brought along his looper and took too Loyola students put on stage with him to help him harmonize. The crowd was very engaged and he had the chance to play quite a few originals as well as some classic covers. When Kat and I interviewed him we had the opportunity to ask him pressing, intriguing questions, including how he approaches his writing process, who his favorite Power Ranger is and who influences him. He’s is a very talented musician and songwriter and we are thankful to have had him share some of his music with us. Listen in to the full interview and enjoy some of his original songs.



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Blind Man Leading Interview

Thursday, January 16th, 2014 by Rachel

bml3Kat and I (of Kat and Rae in the Morning) recently had the chance to sit down with Baltimore based band, Blind Man Leading, and were graced with their answers to our intense questions, as well as an awesome in studio performance. We had the chance to get to know their music a bit better as well as getting an insight into who they. So tune in to the full interview below and get to know Blind Man Leading like we did!

Here is the full interview from Kat and Rae’s time with Blind Man Leading!

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Wendel Patrick/Kevin Gift Interview

Monday, January 13th, 2014 by Rachel

kevin-wendelKat and I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with former Loyola Professor and forever musical genius Kevin Gift, who is also known as Wendel Patrick. Between Kevin and Wendel he is releasing a combined number of 4 albums this January, and we had the chance to get a first look, as well find out a little about him. During the interview, we discovered the origin of his alter ego and his musical interests, and we also learned more about his experience teaching at Loyola (with a special appearance from Patricia, his former student and a current WLOY Staffer!) and much more! Listen to the whole interview to hear all about what it’s like to have two names.



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The 5th L Interview

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 by Rachel

the 5th lYou may be asking yourself, who is The 5th L? Well, they are a popular, local group that performs spoken word. Your next question might be, what is spoken word? Kat and I will leave that one to the experts. The 5th L came into the station a few weeks ago and gave us the full experience of what it means to be spoken word artists, how art and creativity can help kids growing up in the inner city, and even a performance. The group is comprised of the ever talented David “Native Son” Ross and Femi “The DriFish” Lawal (Pictured above, along with their children, Kat and Rae). The two hilarious and inspiring artists took us into their world and gave us a tour of their lifestyle, writing process and inspirations. Take a listen to the whole interview and get inside the heads of two insane, powerful artists, as well as enjoying an exclusive performance.

Here is the full interview from Kat and Rae’s time with the dynamic duo!


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