5 Best Study Spots in Baltimore

October 8th, 2019 by WLOY Staff

Are you a college student in Baltimore?  Do you ever wish you had that perfect off-campus spot to do your work but you just don’t know where to go?  I feel you.  And this one’s for you.

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1.  Sophomore Coffee

Sophomore Coffee, to me, is one of the best study spots in Baltimore.  It’s located right around the Barclay neighborhood, just a seven minute walk away from Baltimore’s famous Graffiti Alley.  Sophomore Coffee is essentially hidden, situated just underground, and it definitely has that quaint, hole-in-the-wall kind of feel.  It’s super small and quiet–perfect for focusing on homework–and definitely very aesthetically pleasing.

2.  The Bun Shop

This coffee shop had to have been made with college students in mind, because it’s open until 3am.  The atmosphere at The Bun Shop is great for getting in the zone, with lots of table space and comfy leather chairs.  AND their pastries are absolutely insane.  You should definitely go here if you’re feeling like getting away from campus for a late night study sesh with buns, coffee, and a lofty, relaxing feel. Bonus: They just opened a second location in Towson so now you can find a study spot there too!

Photo by Thomas Litangen on Unsplash / cozy coffee shop with couches and a man sitting at the window / WLOY

3.  Koffee Therapy

Out of these five best study spots in Baltimore, Koffee Therapy is probably the most unique.  It’s not your typical coffee shop with just a counter and a bunch of round tables with chairs.  This place feels like a combination of a library and a living room.  The seating consists of lots of comfy couches and cushy chairs by a fireplace, with little coffee tables here and there and a few more traditional round tables and chairs.  They also have outdoor seating, which will be really nice when the leaves are changing and Baltimore starts its full-on fall season.

4.  Bird in Hand

Bird in Hand is basically just a library with coffee and small round tables.  There’s a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf spanning across the entire wall and it has that feeling of a bustling coffee shop where everybody is working and in their own element.  It’s definitely the kind of place you go to put in your headphones and power through a big load of work.  They also have outdoor seating.  So if it’s nice out, this would be a really great option.

Photo by Katlyn Giberson on Unsplash / colorful coffee shop with brick wall / WLOY

5.  Koba Cafe

Koba Cafe is definitely more on the vibrant side.  This cafe is full of color and quirky aesthetics.  They have every kind of pastry in the books, great coffee and espresso options, and an upstairs floor that is the perfect study space.  There’s tons of seating with outlets and wifi, and the atmosphere is really nice and quiet.  Koba Cafe will surely help you to feel productive and refreshed.

No matter what kind of study mood you’re in–stressed, productive, even a little lazy–Baltimore has a a great study spot option for you.  Don’t let yourself get stir-crazy hanging around school all day, every day.  Get out into the city and experience what your academic life could be like as a student in such a vibrant, welcoming place like Baltimore.

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