5 Unique Restaurants in Baltimore You NEED To Try

September 10th, 2019 by WLOY Staff

Food with as much personality as you!

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Sometimes, we need to spice up our lives a bit. And what better way to do that than trying some new places to eat? Don’t be boring and go back to the same old, plain restaurants that just don’t seem to offer anything special. Try one of these 5 unique restaurants in Baltimore and find your new hidden gem in this city that’s exploding with culture and charm!

1. One of the MOST Unique Restaurants In Baltimore – The Papermoon Diner

The Papermoon Diner is my FAVORITE of these unique restaurants in Baltimore. Not only is the food unbeatable, with mouth watering carnivorous AND vegetarian/vegan options like crab quesadillas and vegan nachos, but the atmosphere is spectacularly eclectic and nostalgic. It’s located right by the Baltimore Museum of Art, but the real art is the restaurant, itself. Upon walking in you’ll feel like you just stepped into a real-life comic book, with weird trinkets and figurines, galore. It’s also a great date spot; you’ll have lots to discuss as you dine in your childhood heaven!

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2. The Haunted Annabel Lee Tavern

Annabel Lee Tavern is an option that’s a little on the spookier side. As many may know, Baltimore is a city that had a strong formative effect on the work of late poet Edgar Allen Poe. So it’s only appropriate that this new American restaurant has a haunted Edgar Allen Poe theme. They serve classic American food and irresistible signature cocktails, with an impressive list wine and beer options sure to satisfy everybody’s preferences. Their cocktail menu is of course Poe themed, with names like “Beneath the Floorboards” and “The Raven”.

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3. Woodberry Kitchen – The Rustic Choice

Woodberry Kitchen stands alone among these unique restaurants in Baltimore, because it used to be an old factory! This all-American restaurant is HUGE with ample indoor and outdoor terrarium-esque seating and their food and drinks are top of the line. Their menu features a wide range of possibilities–from peach jam on toast to a classic Maryland crab cake.  They also do weekend brunch, which is always a plus.  Another important thing to note: all of the food on their menu comes straight from a local farmer or waterman; so you can feel like you’re supporting your city just by EATING!  It’s chic, it’s rustic, it’s high quality, and it’s different from the regular dining experience. There’s no way to lose with this one.

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4. Gypsy’s Truckstaurant – Food Truck Turned Fine Dining

This restaurant is entirely inspired by street food! Think classy food truck with four walls you can dine inside, lights, and a full bar. Their options are incredibly unique—from Old Bay garlic fries to Korean fried chicken cones—perfect to upload to the gram and make all your friends jealous.  They also have craft cocktails, beer, and wine, and feature a “Devil’s Happy Hour” Tuesdays through Thursdays from 11am-6pm where you can get ice queens, wines by the glass, and draft beers for just $6 each.  AND they’re dog friendly, so you can enjoy your street food and fancy cocktail in a nice restaurant setting with your pooch by your side! What more could you ask for?


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5. Cafe Hon – A Staple of These Unique Restaurants In Baltimore

Cafe Hon is a staple out of these unique restaurants in Baltimore. To start: the exterior is impossible to miss, with a gigantic pink flamingo hung above the front door. It’s almost the size of the establishment, itself. On top of that, the inside is perfectly quirky and colorful. You almost feel like you’re at summer camp while dining at Cafe Hon. They serve classic Maryland cuisine including fresh shucked oysters and lots of crab, of course!

Baltimore is full to the brim of these one of a kind, super weird (in a good way) food establishments just waiting for you to give them a shot. Step out of your comfort zone for once and try one of these unique restaurants in Baltimore! Your inner child—and your stomach—will thank you.

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