February 5th, 2015 by Rachel


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February 5th, 2015 by The Professor

Yes, you may have noticed we’ve been gone for a month. The WLOY servers decided they were going to go on holiday to Bucharest over Christmas and they just lost track of time, then they missed their train to the airport and the flights got cancelled, they were rerouted through Kuala Lumpur and finally landed in Hong Kong. After a brief layover there, they were finally rested up enough to return home to their rightful place in the core… Now they’re back and we’re getting them back to work. Thanks for bearing with us during that mess. Expect a lot of updates, including videos from interviews and lots more. Meanwhile, we also scheduled a veritable ton (seriously, if we put all these bands on a really big scale they would way at least 2,000 pounds) of great acts for our free Thursday night shows. Watch for the posters around town and lots of posts here. Don’t forget to jump on our various social media sites to keep up as well: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and SnapChat. Bonus points if your friend us on MySpace ūüėČ

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Theatre Thursdays: One Night in Miami

February 5th, 2015 by Lauren Keyes

One Night in Miami

What: One Night in Miami

Where: Center Stage

When: January 14th- February 8th

In honor of Black History Month, attending Center Stage for a¬†wonderful performance of “One Night in Miami” to celebrate black history, learn about the Civil Rights Movement, and enjoy a fabulous theatrical story! The story is an adaptation of the¬†true story about world heavyweight champion, Cassius Clay, and the evening he spent in a Miami hotel with activist Malcolm X, singer Sam Cooke, and football star Jim Brown. Watch the eventful night that happened inside of the hotel, while people fought for their rights just on the other side of the door. Get your tickets and learn more about the show¬†here!


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WLOY Gets Some Great Press

December 17th, 2014 by The Professor

We never complain when we get noticed.

RadioWorld Magazine The leading radio industry magazine RadioWorld contains an article on the National Student Electronic Media Convention which includes WLOY and our programs for children! Read the whole article online.

Radio Survivor Website Earlier this year we also hosted the creator of Radio Survivor (a hugely popular website exploring college and independent radio) and she wrote a wonderful article about her visit and our programming efforts. Check it out!

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Theatre Thursdays: It’s A Wonderful Life

December 11th, 2014 by Lauren Keyes

It's A Wonderful LifeWhat:¬†It’s A Wonderful Life

Where: Center Stage

When: November 18th- December 21st, 2014

It’s a Wonderful Life! And a wonderful day to see a Christmas classic! Baltimore’s Center Stage will take you back to Christmas Eve in 1947. Become a member of a live studio audience as the cast takes you through a Christmas journey! You’ll surely fall in love with George, Mary, and Clarence as they tell you the story of a miraculous Christmas! Get your wings– I mean tickets, here!

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Cam Newton Injured In Two-Car Crash

December 10th, 2014 by Justin Thomas

Sports TalkOn Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina, Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton, was involved in a two-car collision close to the team’s stadium.

The police report declared that Newton was not at fault, as he was going an appropriate speed when another driver cut him off.

The accident leaves Newton with two transverse fractures in his lower back, a similar injury to that suffered by Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo earlier this season. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wacky Wednesdays: Christmas Village in Baltimore

December 10th, 2014 by Lauren Keyes

Christmas VillageWhat: Christmas Village in Baltimore

Where: 501 Light St. Baltimore, MD 21230

When: Daily (See hours on website)

Become a part of a new Baltimore tradition, the Christmas Village! The village brings people together for a fantastic celebration of a German style Christmas right here in Charm City! Enjoy a the market of unique vendors, exciting events, and incredible decorations including thousands of twinkling Christmas lights, two Christmas Trees, and tons of traditional German decor! The combination outdoor and indoor Holiday Market includes 60 booths, great shopping (still need a last minute Christmas gift?), and tons of Christmas spirit! Find out more here!

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Coldplay’s innovative, awesome interactive video

December 9th, 2014 by Rachel

coldplay interactive ink video Hey guys. Long time no talk. Coming back to you all after being abroad a little bit early to rave about the new Coldplay music video; it’s just that awesome. This new video, for ‘Ink’ off Coldplay’s most recent album¬†Ghost Stories,¬†takes it’s viewers on an interactive journey following a man’s dream for love and happiness. About every ten seconds or so the viewer,¬†player is given a choice or a path that will lead our main character toward a new horizon and will significantly change his fate and his chances at love. This incredible video, designed by Blind, offers about 300 different music videos in one with it’s many options for it’s character to fulfill. This type of video raises the bar in the¬†world of music videos and gives the listeners so much more involvement in the music they love so much. It’s very engaging and adds an awesome new level to the experience of listening to good music. Innovations like these allow artists to bring their followers just a little bit deeper into their crazy worlds, and I am a fan.

Interact here!


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Tourism Tuesdays: Miracle on 34th Street

December 9th, 2014 by Lauren Keyes

2a19f8_9858341e13634556b87a97e79a6b27f1.jpg_srz_282_162_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzWhat: Miracle on 34th Street

Where: 720 West 34th Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21211

When: November 29th, 2014- January 1st, 2015

Someone once said that you can see the lights on 34th street from outer space! OK, I don’t think anyone really ever said that, but based on the mass display of beautiful twinkling lights, it wouldn’t surprise me! The Miracle on 34th street is a must see during the holiday season. Homes are covered in colorful, festive decorations and beautiful lights that will leave you full of holiday cheer! Tis the season to check out this phenomenal street, full of Christmas spirit! Learn more here!


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CFB Playoff Report: Year One

December 8th, 2014 by Justin Thomas

Sports Talk We are officially one year in to the new college football playoff system with its new committee, and one thing is very clear…clarity is much needed!

Going into the final week of the college football regular season, the rankings had 10-1 TCU at number 3, 12-0 Florida State at number 4, 11-1 Ohio State at number 5, and 10-1 Baylor at number 6.

All 5 teams won their last game of the season, however the kicker in this whole situation is that TCU and Baylor’s final games didn’t include a conference championship game due to the fact that it doesn’t exist in the BIG 12.

The final rankings completely shafted the BIG 12 Conference, as TCU and Baylor were bumped back to the 6 and 5 spot respectively, leaving them on the outside looking in to number 3 Florida State and number 4 Ohio State. Read the rest of this entry »

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