John Devecka : Operations Manager PatriciaPatricia Bryan : General Manager
Nicki_Staff14Nicki Doster : Program Director Samantha-Staff-F13Samantha Chemali : Business Manager
Lauren_Staff14Lauren Puleo : Music Director Leandra Caprini-Rosica : Music Director
Jeremy-Staff-F13Jeremy Stephenson : Music Director Kelly_Staff14Kelly Burchard : PR Director
Justin-Staff-F13Justin Thomas : Sports Director Phil_Staff14Phil Dayao : Graphics
Courtney-Staff-F13Courtney Kozieja : Digital Content Director Margaret-Staff-F13Margaret Jokoh : Social Media Director
Brandon-Staff-F13Brandon Newby : Production Manager Emily-Staff-F13Emily Delany : Promo/Events Manager

The Newbies, not to be confused with the Newby above

Gordon_Staff14Gordon Brown : Music Librarian Tara_Staff14Tara Howell : Music Librarian
Caleb_Staff14Caleb Hubble : Music Librarian Katie_Staff14Katie Kazmierski : Community Programs
LaurenK_Staff14Lauren Keyes : Explore Baltimore Allie_Staff14Allie Langley : Music Librarian
Ryan_Staff14Ryan Patterson : Account Executive Tyler_Staff14Tyler Secreto : Events Manager

Currently AWOL Somewhere on Earth

Rachel-Staff-F13Rachel : Bungee Jumping With Sheep KatKat : Getting Cultured in Rome

LeslieLeslie : Learning English in England

KathleenKathleen : in Bruges

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