Gooch Palms Interview

Saturday, April 6th, 2019 by The Professor

Leroy, one half of the magical Australian madness that is The Gooch Palms stopped by the station today to chat with the Professor about their upcoming show at The Crown here in Baltimore. As long as he was here we wandered off on topics from touring the US as a couple in an RV, their new album, signing to a major label (and yet being able to keep their indie label brand), aliens in Texas, moving back to Australia, why they haven’t been in the station since 2016, and Kat’s amazing new addition to her touring kit. Check it out and make sure to catch them at The Crown, or when they come back in the fall in support of the new third album, which may or may not be called THREE… and drops May 10th.

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WLOY in Loyola Magazine!

Saturday, March 30th, 2019 by The Professor

Wow! WLOY was given a massive feature story in the March 2019 Loyola Magazine and we are thrilled! Not only did it feature amazing alumni talking about what made WLOY special for them, it included some great features on what they do now. Check out the great story about Katie Kazmierski ’18 who is working at KNOM Radio in Nome, Alaska! You can grab the PDFs of the articles here and enjoy them at your own pace. If you don’t get the magazine, please reach out to the alumni office at Loyola and ask that they add you to the mailing list.


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Open Mic Night at Coffeehouse 3/28

Monday, March 25th, 2019 by Erin McAvoy

This Thursday, March 28th, WLOY will be hosting one of our many Open Mic Nights! This will be a great chance for you all to come out and share your many talents with your peers! It’s completely open to your creative freedom–original songs, covers, comedy acts, poetry, spoken word, or any other talent you have to share is all fair game. We’d love to see what you’ve got, so be sure to come out to Starbucks this Thursday from 8-10pm and show us! See you there!

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Got Talent? Show it off and win!

Sunday, March 24th, 2019 by The Professor

WLOY & SGA present a series of events to highlight Loyola’s talent. Winners will perform at Loyolapalooza and the new Loyolapalooza Pep Rally!

Battle of the Bands April 4 – McGuire Hall
Got a band of 3 or more performers? Enter the 2019 Battle of the Bands now! This event is open to any band with a real Loyola connection – alumni, current students and employees. If a member of your band fits one of these categories send in your entry. The bands will compete of a full stage in McGuire with industry professionals as the judges. The audience will decide any tie voting so bring your friends!Many past winning bands have gained live show gigs in Baltimore as a result and more than a dozen albums have been released. The winning band will perform at Loyolapalooza on April 28th.

Songwriter Skirmish April 11 – Starbucks
New for this year we will have 2 winners! Are you a solo or duo act? Acoustic or Electric? You can enter to win this year in either category. This is open to any combination of performance that is electric or acoustic so whether you are an a capella duo or a rapper with a laptop, you can win. Choose your category and enter your act. Judges will include 2 past Battle of the Band winning alumni who perform professionally as well as a representative from WLOY and SGA. The audience will decide any tie voting so bring your friends!
The 2 winning acts will perform at Loyolapalooza on April 28th.

DJ Spin-Off April 25 – Black Box Theater
A brand new event for 2019, the DJ Spin-off is a chance for DJs, remixers and producers to show off their set-making talents and originality. In the Black Box Theater you will perform a 10 minute mix of fun, high energy music, including as much original music, remix or mashup material as you can create to wow the judges. Judges will include 2 industry professionals (possibly some surprises) and a representative from WLOY and SGA. The audience will decide any tie voting so make sure to bring your friends! The winning act will perform an extended set at the new Loyolapalooza Pep Rally to be held on the quad April 26th.

Got a talent and want to show it off at these competitions? ENTER HERE and include as much of the information as possible. Selected entries will be notified by April 2 for Battle, April 9 for Skirmish and April 23 for Spin-Off. And don’t forget the Open Mic Night Thursday March 28th at Starbucks as a chance to test out your talents!

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Rufus Roundtree and Da B’More Brass Factory at Blackbox 2/28

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 by Erin McAvoy

Rufus Roundtree and Da B’More Brass Factory is a New Orleans styled brass band located here in Baltimore. They combine the jazz of New Orleans with a little Baltimore Club and House, a little Parliament Funkadelic, a little Chuck Brown, and a little Bob Marley to produce a super energetic folk soul sound.  According to the band itself, “this is not the traditional band, this is truly an invigorating experience.”  They’re guaranteed to have the crowd dancing and the spirit of New Orleans will be so alive that you’ll feel just like you’re at Mardi Gras.  AND there’ll be snacks–so you can’t lose!  Come out this Thursday to the Blackbox theater to celebrate Mardi Gras before spring break with king cakes, macaroons, cupcakes, and New Orleans jazz from Rufus Roundtree and Da B’More Brass Factory!

Check them out here:

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Ellen Cherry Live at Coffeehouse 2/21

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 by Erin McAvoy

Emmy nominated Ellen Cherry is a full-time touring singer-songwriter based out of Baltimore. Her songs have been licensed to the Oxygen Network, MTV, and, and she even wrote, recorded, and performed a TV campaign for FOX Networks in 2009. Ellen Cherry has been writing and recording songs since 1997 and has gone on to win multiple awards and honors, including the impressive accomplishment of starting her own record label: Wrong Size Shoes. Her music mixes multiple genres, such as folk, pop, jazz, and instrumental sounds. Cherry’s unique blend of music and lyrics combine on-the-fly humor and vivid storytelling to create beautiful melodies.  Ellen Cherry will be performing live on Thursday at Starbucks from 8-10pm, so be sure to come out and witness this amazing performance.

Check her out here:

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Lavender & The Holy Circle at Blackbox 2/7

Monday, February 4th, 2019 by Erin McAvoy

We are so very excited to announce our very first Thursday night concert at the Blackbox Theater this Thursday featuring the bands Lavender and The Holy Circle! Lavender is a Washington D.C. based indie pop band who’s style can be compared to popular bands like The 1975 and Two Door Cinema Club.  The band consists of members Emily Carlson (vocals), Alli Vega (guitar), Trent Burns (also guitar), and Matt Wright (drums). They have an unforgettable and irresistible sound you are sure to not only feel familiar with but also love. The Holy Circle is a Baltimore based band consisting of members Erica Burgner-Hannum (vocals), Terence Hannum (synths) and Nathan Jurgenson (drums). Their sound is described as a “dreamy, haunting synthpop”, with elements of R&B and shoegaze. It’s definitely going to be something totally new to most of you, so this would be a great chance to come expand your musical horizons! We hope to see you there, this Thursday from 8-10pm, for our first (free) concert at the Blackbox Theater!

Check out Lavender and The Holy Circle here:

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Red Sammy Live at Coffeehouse 1/31

Monday, January 28th, 2019 by Erin McAvoy

Red Sammy is a “lyric-driven Americana folk rock n’ roll” band with an added country/blues aesthetic.  The band consists of writer/singer/songwriter Adam Trice as well as an ensemble of accompanying musicians.  Trice comes from right here, Baltimore, Maryland, and has gone on in his career to join both regional and national artists on the stage.  He’s performed in festivals in such cities as Baltimore, Denver, Toronto, Buffalo, and many more.  Red Sammy will be playing here at Loyola on Thursday, January 31st at our free coffeehouse at Starbucks from 8-10pm, so be sure to come by and not miss out!

Check out Red Sammy here:

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Stacked Like Pancakes Concert 1/24 McGuire Hall

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 by Erin McAvoy

Stacked Like Pancakes is definitely a WLOY favorite.  A Baltimore-based brass rock band, Stacked Like Pancakes features a trumpet and two trombonists that steal the show.  The band has gone on in their career to play in the Vans Warped Tour for several years and has performed alongside artists/groups like Bless the Fall, Memphis May Fire, Jule Vera, and Microwave.  This concert will without a doubt be a unique experience, with the promise of both “spontaneity and precision”, and it is guaranteed that if you attend, you will experience an exhilarating, exciting, and unforgettable show.  Come out to McGuire this Thursday, January 24th from 8-10pm to see Stacked Like Pancakes rock the stage.  You won’t be disappointed.

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Maria Dontas Live at Coffeehouse 1/17

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 by Erin McAvoy

Maria Dontas is a Loyola University Maryland alum and has been following her passion for singing ever since!  She placed top five in a national CosmoGirl Magazine contest, sang the Greek National Anthem at the 2008 Clergy/Laity Congress in Washington, D.C., opened for Jack’s Mannequin here at Loyola, and won the Essex Singer-Songwriter Competition in 2012.  Maria will be performing live this Thursday, January 17th at Starbucks from 8-10pm.  Her country sound and high-energy vibes will certainly get you moving and your blood pumping on a cold night.  It’s the first event of the semester, and its free, so be sure to come check it out!

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