WLOY Honfest Stage 2014-2023

WLOY is all about local music and supporting the local music scene. We bring bands to campus, and anywhere we can. From 2014-2023 we filled a Saturday and Sunday in June with great bands at Honfest. We are sad to say goodbye to Honfest after all the years of running a WLOY Stage, it was a great fun festival and we hope something equally fun rises in its wake. We made this page as a reminder of all the great bands that came across our stage during our time. It wasn’t a bad run after all! Thanks to all the great local and national acts that came through for so many great weekends of music:

Agnes Moorehead
Angela Sheik
Caleb Stine (w/Brakemen and solo)
Chuck The Mad Ox
Claire Anthony
David Glaser
Doc Pine & Friends
Don Kim solo & Trio
Ebb & Nova
Eliza Doering & The Penny Black
Ellen Cherry
Eze Jackson
Fools & Horses
Fractal Cat
Gabe Ford Trio
George Jano
Greasy Hands
Great Heights Band
Hymn for Her
J Pope & the HearNow
Janice B
Jenny Besezt
Little Lungs
Maria Dontas
Mark Hopkins
Matt Hutchison
Mike McMonagle
Modern Nomad
Nalani & Sarina
Of Tomorrow
Old Eastern
Out of Water eXperience
Paradise Creek
Paul Random
Pocket Bells
Pompeii Graffiti
Pressing Strings
Quinton Randall
Red Sammy
Rodney Henry
Rufus Roundtree & B’more Brass
Saleem & The Music Lovers (also Saleem & Caleb)
Saving Apollo
Soul Cannon
Spirit Parade
Stacked Like Pancakes
Sweet Leda
Television Hill
The Holy Circle
The Milestones
Voodoo Pharmacology
Walter Parks
Whiskey Feathers

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