Yeezus in the Charm City

February 21st, 2014 by WLOY Staff

Written by: Jeremy Stephenson

With his first solo tour in five years, you know Mr. West rolled his sleeves up to make his Baltimore fans remember why he is the icon he is today. First of all, this concert and tour is nothing like any other rap tour or any tour for that matter to date. A tremendous 35 song set list including tracks from his latest, and sixth album, Yeezus, and even his inaugural decade old album, The College Dropout definitely had any Ye fan walking away with a nice “did I just see that!?” grin after the show.

The show kicked off with the unveiling of a massive mountain in the back of the stage, which followed with Kanye’s twelve dancers who were dressed in fully nude pantyhose, and were incorporated throughout the show’s entirety. Kanye then dramatically weaved his way through his girls and started with the first song off his Yeezus album, “On Sight.”

A major part for the show was the combination of five mood-specific wardrobe changes, and the INSANE lighting and stage quality. The concert was spread throughout five different segments, fighting, rising, falling, searching, and finding. Every Ye fan recognized the fashionista in Kanye when he rocked his well-known Mason Margiela wardrobe, along with four fully jeweled facemasks. The most exciting part of the concert was during his hit, “Blood on the Leaves,” when pyrotechnics nearly singed my hair while Kanye jumped at every bass drop. West was able to balance both the heavy and sensitive parts of his show, by using the ascending second part of his stage that supported the sprawled out Kanye while snow fell during his 808’s and Heartbreaks song, “Coldest Winter. “

Towards the closing of the concert, the mountain then split open with an ethereal light unveiling a mock -Jesus who then exchanged words with Kanye, which lead him to take off his facemask to perform about 15 additional classic Kanye songs. Finishing with his controversial hit, “Bound 2.”

Throughout the concert, some of the bolder fans there were screaming for his fiancé, Kim Kardashian to come onstage. Kanye had us all fooled; on this Valentine’s night, Kanye not only bought her 1000 roses, but also the entire mezzanine section of the Baltimore Arena to watch her man put on the show of a lifetime for the Charm City. YEEZUS JUST ROSE AGAIN

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