WLOY Presents: Late Night Concert

November 6th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

cheeringAs the icy Baltimore breeze begins its annual decent upon the Loyola campus, students commence a search for all things warm and toasty. They flock to the shelter of indoor heating and the comfort of a grande peppermint mocha. But late in the evening, when the Humanities building is empty and Starbucks fairy has retired, how can one find repose from the chill? Well, WLOY invites you to come huddle your hands around the heat of a buzzing Marshall half stack amplifier at the Late Night Concert, this Thursday. We will be graced with the funky tunes of Greasy Hands–a notable Baltimore band with a big sound. But thats not all, because as you know, WLOY is your hookup for Baltimore entertainment! We will be giving away tickets to the Opening Night of Jersey Boys at the  Hippodrome! Show starts 9 Pm, this Thursday in McGuire Hall.

Who’s Greasy Hands? Well, check em’ out

What’s Jersey Boys? What’s the Hippodrome? Where’s the rock I’ve been living under?? Find out here! 

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