WLOY Late Night Concert: Wendel Patrick 2/20/14

February 17th, 2014 by Joe Lomuti

1484729_10152192884327265_583046015_n-300x300I believe it is safe to say Wendel Patrick is a man of science. Now, this does not imply his musicianship is anything less than artful, or the music less soulful, or the sound at all mechanical. Rather, it is that Wendel’s moment of ┬ácatharsis lives within an arrangement of mathematical precision. Like a mad-scientist in his laboratory, he is an alchemist of sound, meticulously blending consonance and dissonance as if they were volatile fluids finding solace in embrace. This Thursday night Wendel Patrick will be headlining WLOYs Late Night Concert Event, rockin’ the house with tracks from his recent four album release. If you hadn’t yet put the clues together, Wendel Patrick is Loyola own former professor of music, Kevin Gift! Haven’t heard any of his music? Well, get experienced. Show starts 9pm, be sure to bring your hazmat suit.

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