WLOY is Turning 20!

March 8th, 2023 by The Professor

Yes, it really has been 20 years since WLOY went on the air 24/7/365, and yes, John feels old. But you can join us in celebration on Saturday March 18th all day! From noon until 4pm we will have an open house in the WLOY studios in Bellarmine Hall and welcome alumni back to jump on the air and meet current DJs and staff. From 6-7pm a private event in McGuire for the alumni and staff with music from alums Maria Dontas and Taylor DeBoer and then we open the doors to all from 7-9pm. Music from local greats Skribe and Saleem & The Music Lovers (Saleem also hosts Hip-Hop Revisited on WLOY Saturdays 2-4pm). Join us for some fun memories, and great local live music like we’ve been highlight for 20 years.

A limited number of our very Baltimore orange and purple t-shirts will be available as well as a new batch of WLOY coffee mugs and our NEW WLOY COFFEE, roasted and blended by the amazing local folks at Thread Coffee in the Woodberry neighborhood.

If you are part of the pre-WLOY era of WVLC/WLCR 1975-1995 please feel free to join us as well! Also check out the updated list of vintage staff photos and look for you and your friends!

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