WLOY goes to Louisville Part 2

October 29th, 2010 by Christa Constantine

Tornado Shelter

“You look very professional at your little desk right now.” – Timothy Teeling

The first phrase I had typed on this post was: “I look ridiculously professional, sitting at the hotel room desk typing out our day two update…” and then I deleted it, because I couldn’t think of what to say after the word “update.” Since Tim walked in and made said observation, however, I think it’s rather fitting.

Upon taking our seats on the flight to Louisville, PR Queen Amanda took notice of the suits sitting around us and quickly proclaimed the CBI Conference a “business trip.” Anthony also took a liking to the idea, and I took a brief hiatus from hyperventilating over the prospect of being 4,000 feet above the ground to lament the absence of matching WLOY briefcases.

So, we reside until Sunday morning at the Galt House Hotel, which continues to amaze me with its size. Amanda and I have a room to ourselves, and, ladies and gentlemen, I’m typing this post in the living room while Amanda relaxes on one of the two queen sized beds in the colossal bedroom. Really, the venue only adds to the notion that this is, in fact, a business trip (and if it doesn’t, at least it makes us feel really, really important). The place is pretty packed with all sorts of media students and advisors; it’s about a five minute wait each time for an elevator that swells dangerously with radio staff and journalists and the like. But, people, I think this convention is single-handedly populating the city of Louisville. The sidewalks are absolutely deserted at all times of the day (no exaggeration there), restaurants close around 9 p.m. (to the despair of those of us who had lunch at 3), and there are far more parking garages than there are cars here. I think there are also more horses than there are cars here. It’s more eco-friendly.

The conference itself is very business trip-y, even sans briefcases. Tim, Billy, Anthony, Amanda, and I spend our days in sessions teaching us how better to run a radio station and our nights trying to find other heartbeats and establishments that are not parking garages. We skip lunch like real business people who have more important things to do than eat. We carry reporters’ notepads to each of our sessions and take serious notes with pens, not crayons. And we wear pant suits. Everywhere.

Tonight, The Professor (who we’ve renamed Devecks, as per a typo on our conference brochure) and his associates (his protégées from WLOY) have rented out an entire restaurant for a business dinner with butlers and many forks and rentable ties. Please forward all of our calls to our secretaries.

More to come.


In a Pant Suit.

P.S. I suppose I should provide an explanation for the picture shown at the top of the page. This is the sign that multiple WLOY employees found on the bathroom walls at the Louisville airport. Kentucky: Where every bathroom is also a tornado shelter.

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