WLOY Christmas Specials!

December 23rd, 2010 by The Professor

It’s Christmas so you know it’s time for the annual Ultimate Christmas Show on WLOY! Join Nick Centanni for 3 hours on Christmas Eve and another 3 hours on Christmas Day. That’s 6 unique hours featuring the best Christmas music ever made! Nick will have Christmas jokes, facts, and minimal music repeats. And you never know who will be randomly stopping by to say hi to wish you a Merry Christmas! As usual the show is unscripted and unrehearsed so you never know what to expect next. So while you decorate, wrap gifts, drink eggnog, or just hang out by the fire make it a date and don’t be late to tune in on Christmas Eve and for a second special on Christmas Day! All right here to keep you company on WLOY!

Leitha J also prepared a couple of jazzy hours of Christmas music for your listening pleasure so tune in early Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve: Leitha J’s Christmas Special 8am-10am, Nick’s Ultimate Christmas Eve Special 10am-1pm (repeating 6pm-9pm)

Christmas Day: Leitha J’s Christmas Special 8am-10am, Nick’s Ultimate Christmas Day Special 10am-1pm (repeating 6pm-9pm)

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