Strangers on a Plane “Wings” Review by Jovial Njinyi

February 22nd, 2019 by WLOY Staff

Strangers on a Plane – Wings

Released: 2018

Rate: 8.8/10

Review by Jovial Njinyi

Wings by Strangers on a Plane, is a really interesting album that boasts sounds of cool indie pop. You can listen to them now on Spotify. Strangers on a Plane have developed a sound similar to a mix between Billie Eilish and Lana del Rey.

The songs on the album are definitely more on the soft soothing side. Track 10, “Wings”, that shares its title with the album, has a slightly more upbeat tempo than the other songs, with a lot more complex instrumental composition and base in the background. But of all the songs, track 5, “Look At Me”, is my personal favorite — considering it was the song that drew me to review the album in the first place.

I could probably play this album as a backdrop to writing an essay or just walking to an early am class because it’s just perfect for getting my day started or trying to focus. Or even as the songs suggest, on a plane ride to relax your nerves. One thing I will say is that this song reminds me of a soundtrack to a movie like Twilight, because of the theme of romantic tragedy that runs through its lyrics.

The song titles in the album almost seem to align with the course of two people meeting. The album tells a story as it goes from being alone and finding someone, to then wondering if they made the right choice as their heartbeats endlessly and finally hoping to find love someday because it didn’t work out like they thought it would. An album cover can say a lot about the type of music you’re going to hear, thereby painting a crucial first impression. This album kept with the theme of the album art. It features a plane in the clouds over a black and white filter, which very well encompass the neutral and chill vibes of the songs.

Being one of my top adds to my playlist this week, I think this album is very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend to fans of mellow pop. If you tune into WLOY you can hear my personal favorite, “Look at me.” Although this is Strangers on a Plane’s only album, I’m excited to hear more in the future.

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