What Happens Next? Podcasting Debut Test

September 21st, 2015 by The Professor

This is a test as we prepare the very first episode of What Happens Next? to be podcast through iTunes… we have nearly 200 episodes, but here is our promotional entry to get us started.



WLOY’s weekly children’s program What Happens Next?, founded in June of 2009, has won national awards. Our goal is simple: entertain children while helping them grow their imagination, reading, writing and communication skills. With more than 50 children involved in the program, we’ve done just that.

What Happens Next? begins with the simple premise that children love to tell stories. We provide the beginning of a story for the participants and they create their own endings. When they’re done we let them record them for this broadcast. Children from 4-12 have participated in the program, which is recorded live at WLOY every Friday. The program is open to home schooler, public and private school kids. If you wish to join us, please contact us.

What Happens Next? has won several national awards, including:

Best Feature Program at the 2013 National Student Electronic Media Awards

Best Regularly Scheduled Program at the 2012 National Student Production Awards

Best Community Outreach at the 2011 National Student Production Awards

* this podcast is a test file

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