February 5th, 2015 by The Professor

Yes, you may have noticed we’ve been gone for a month. The WLOY servers decided they were going to go on holiday to Bucharest over Christmas and they just lost track of time, then they missed their train to the airport and the flights got cancelled, they were rerouted through Kuala Lumpur and finally landed in Hong Kong. After a brief layover there, they were finally rested up enough to return home to their rightful place in the core… Now they’re back and we’re getting them back to work. Thanks for bearing with us during that mess. Expect a lot of updates, including videos from interviews and lots more. Meanwhile, we also scheduled a veritable ton (seriously, if we put all these bands on a really big scale they would way at least 2,000 pounds) of great acts for our free Thursday night shows. Watch for the posters around town and lots of posts here. Don’t forget to jump on our various social media sites to keep up as well: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and SnapChat. Bonus points if your friend us on MySpace 😉

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