Wacky Wednesdays: Stoneleigh Lanes

January 26th, 2011 by WLOY Staff

Like bowling but wish it was different? Search no more! Down the street from Loyola lay Stoneleigh Lanes, which features 16 lanes of duckpin bowling. Yes, you heard me correctly: I said duckpin bowling. And no, it doesn’t involve ducks. Although the rules are similar to normal ten-pin bowling, duckpin bowling is not the bowling that you may be used to playing. Voted the “Best Bowling Alley” by Baltimore Magazine, Stoneleigh Lane’s duckpin bowling is a new and interesting way to bowl!

The rules of duckpin bowling are similar to regular ten-pin bowling with a few notable exceptions. First, the duckpin bowling balls are smaller – they are the perfect size for children! Second, in duckpin bowling, the bowler gets three chances (instead of two) to hit all ten pins. (This is good news for subpar bowlers like myself.)

Stoneleigh Lanes offers daily specials, so any day of the week is the perfect opportunity to bowl away!

Stoneleigh Lanes is located at:
6703 York Road
Baltimore, MD 21212

If you have any questions or concerns, you can call Stoneleigh Lanes at 410-377-8115.

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