Wacky Wednesday: Bingo World

November 24th, 2010 by WLOY Staff

As their website touts, Baltimore is home to Bingo World, the biggest bingo jackpots of the Mid-Atlantic. Every night, $20,000 is given out amongst the winners. Now, that’s a pretty good game of Bingo.

So, why not take a break from all the stress and go play a friendly game of Bingo? Open every day at 10 AM, with at least three official bingo sessions per day, you have the potential to spend just a little and win a lot! That’s not even mentioning the 15-minute intermission filled with a medley of other chances to win.

The first Saturday of every month is also dubbed “Super Saturday” where the winnings and the fun are even greater… and the next one, December 4th, is rapidly approaching. So practice shouting Bingo, keep your ears open, and take a ride on down to Bingo World. You’re sure to run into a few characters there, if you don’t become one yourself.

Bingo World is located at:
4901 Belle Grove Road
Baltimore, MD 21225

For more information, visit:

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