Wacky Wednesday: Atomic Books

June 22nd, 2011 by WLOY Staff

From bizarre comic books to quirky, independent magazines, Atomic Books has a variety of odd literary finds lining the shelves of their small shop. This store is exactly what you’d expect from Hampden: unique, outlandish, and downright funny.

Since its merge with its sister store, Atomic Pop, the store now sells novelty goods including the ever-hilarious Iggy Pop action figure. Atomic Books also has a monthly book club open to anyone interested. Words simply cannot describe the true wackiness of this store; the only way to find out is to go see the place for yourself!

Atomic Books is located at 3620 Falls Rd in Baltimore, Maryland.
For more information about the store call (410) 662-4444 or visit www.atomicbooks.com

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