April 20th, 2024 by The Professor

48 Hour Vinylthon Day 1 Lineup:

12:00a Vinyl Spin Sessions w/Paul Random
1:00a Welcome to Vinylthon 2024 Special
2:00a The Professor spins Cars & Guitars
3:00a Tara’s Vinyl Hour
4:00a Retro Rockin’ (Vinyl) Road Show (2hrs)
5:00a Retro Rockin’ (Vinyl) Road Show
6:00a Queen Marge’s Vinyl Exploration (2hrs)
7:00a Queen Marge’s Vinyl Exploration
8:00a Moldie Oldies Vinyl Hour
9:00a Steve Spins Friends Records
10:00a Moldie Oldies Live 2024 Special (2hrs)
11:00a Moldie Oldies Live 2024 Special
12:00p Stardust Records Special (Baltimore’s New Record Store!)
1:00p LIVE Retro Eddie & More
2:00p LIVE Retro Eddie & More
3:00p LIVE Retro Eddie & More
4:00p 1970’s Alumni LIVE – Ed Stanley ’81
5:00p 1970’s Alumni LIVE – Jim Perrone ’79
6:00p 1970’s Alumni LIVE – Gerry Blair ’70
7:00p Discovery Hour Vinyl Special
8:00p Daniel’s Second Vinyl Show
9:00p Xander’s Mighty Soul Show 2
10:00p Daniel LIVE
11:00p John C Vintage Vinyl Finds (2hrs)

All day long we will be doing drawings for prizes and adding entries from so you can enter anytime until 2pm Sunday 4/21.

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