Vinylthon 2020 – Side 2

June 19th, 2020 by The Professor

It’s VINYLTHON 2020! Originally scheduled for April 18, but rescheduled (along with Record Store Day) to June 20 but WE DON’T CARE! We are doing TWO days of Vinylthon instead of one. It’s just how we roll… Tune in all day Saturday June 20 for shows that are 100% spun from vinyl starting at 1am and running through midnight! You’ll hear current DJ shows as well as alumni shows in one and two hour formats. WLOY has received a golden slipmat every year for doing at least 12 hours of all vinyl and this year even though we’re not making the usual full 24 we’re still running 18 hours of all vinyl shows! Stupid COVID-19 is keeping the studios closed but we have remote shows being sent in and we’re spinning vinyl wherever we can!

What is Vinylthon you ask? Read the press release below and find out more:

Over 100 radio stations will go vinyl-only for charity event Vinylthon 2020, with many stations broadcasting from their DJ’s homes

Despite severe disruptions caused by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, across the USA and the world, radio stations will celebrate the unique format of vinyl by going vinyl-only on Vinylthon, June 20, 2020. Organizers hope it will provide essential comfort to listeners through entertainment during this difficult time.

“As many radio stations are currently closed, we have now moved to an almost entirely online celebration of vinyl,” says Rob Quicke, founder of Vinylthon. “We have very quickly adapted to our circumstances, so that now many participants will be broadcasting their shows from home, playing vinyl from their own turntables! We have gone completely digital in our celebration of something wonderfully analog!” says Quicke.

Organized by the College Radio Foundation and open to all radio stations, commercial and non-commercial, Vinylthon is the radio industry’s response to the remarkable vinyl renaissance that has occurred around the world. The College Radio Foundation gives grants to college radio stations to keep them on the air. Vinylthon 2020 will be the fifth Vinylthon event, and proceeds will go to their College Radio Fund that supports college radio stations.

Stations participating in this year’s Vinylthon will win the Golden Slipmat Award, sponsored by Glowtronics, to recognize their deep passion for vinyl. Vinylthon is an event for the entire radio industry, which normally takes place on worldwide Record Store Day.

“This year we are having two Vinylthon celebrations,” says Quicke. “The first is on April 18, when Record Store Day was originally scheduled. But when they moved to June 20, we heard from stations that they preferred to move also. Some stations are celebrating both dates. So really, we are considering this year’s Vinylthon to be a double-album edition, with Side One taking place on April 18th!”

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