Tourism Tuesday: Maryland Science Center

April 5th, 2011 by WLOY Staff

When touring Baltimore, the top recommendation for a place to visit is the Inner Harbor, specifically the Aquarium. Although there are numerous other interesting parts of Baltimore, the Inner Harbor does boast a few gems.

The Maryland Science Center is one fantastic Harbor offering. Closer to the Fed Hill side of the Harbor, the museum is a staple of the Baltimore museum circuit. It boasts a planetarium, Imax theatre, live demos and a whole bunch of entertaining exhibits. In addition to gaining unique science knowledge from exhibits, museum visitors can try riding a Segway or learn about the stars to impress a hot date with constellation knowledge.

This spring, the exhibit Diabetes: A Deeper Look will grace the museum, giving visitors a chance to experience a “walk through blood-vessel,” which sounds somewhat gross yet wildly intriguing. The museum is open from 10a.m to 5p.m daily and promises to be far more entertaining than any science class you’ve ever fallen asleep in!

The Maryland Science Center is located at:
601 Light Street
Baltimore MD 21230

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