Tourism Tuesday: Canton

March 1st, 2011 by WLOY Staff

As Loyola students, you may be familiar with the Fells Point and Federal Hill sections of Baltimore. Both are fantastic spots chock full of fun and antiquitous housing. Typically overlooked by the Loyola bandwagon however, is Canton.

Canton is another top notch Baltimore area to explore. Quaint or bombastic depending on what time you visit, Canton is full of distinct shops, restaurants and bars. It’s not far from Fells and slightly more set back from the water.

Some of the best restaurants in Canton include Annabel Lee Tavern, Mama’s On The Half Shell, and Blue Hill Tavern. Canton’s cobble stone streets and the main square provide a quaint experience perfect for an afternoon stroll, and restaurants and bars can make for a rambunctious night out.

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