Top 40 5.10.10

May 10th, 2010 by WLOY Staff

Well, well, well.  Freelance Whales take over the #1 spot this week knocking of MGMT’s 2 week run @ #1.  We see some debuts from Keane as well as the Deftones.  This week’s top 40 chart is inspired by BONO.  He turns 50 today (5/10) and those glasses he keeps wearing makes him look no older than 45 I say.  Rock on BONO!

# Artist Album Download
#1 FREELANCE WHALES Weathervanes [itunes link=”″ title=”Freelance_Whales-Weathervanes_(Album)”]
#2 MGMT Congratulations [itunes link=”″ title=”MGMT-Congratulations_(Album)”]
#3 CIVIL TWILIGHT Civil Twilight [itunes link=”″ title=”Civil_Twilight-Civil_Twilight_(Album)”]
#4 TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB Tourist History [itunes link=”″ title=”Two_Door_Cinema_Club-Tourist_History_(Album)”]
#5 GORILLAZ Plastic Beach [itunes link=”″ title=”Gorillaz-Plastic_Beach_(Album)”]
#6 FRIGHTENED RABBIT The Winter Of Mixed Drinks [itunes link=”″ title=”Frightened_Rabbit-The_Winter_of_Mixed_Drinks_(Album)”]
#7 NADA SURF If I Had A Hi-Fi [itunes link=”″ title=”Nada_Surf-If_I_Had_a_Hi-Fi_(Album)”]
#8 KEANE Night Train [itunes link=”″ title=”Keane-Night_Train_(Album)”]
#9 MUMFORD AND SONS Sigh No More [itunes link=”″ title=”Mumford_Sons-Sigh_No_More_(Album)”]
#10 MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA Live At Park Ave [EP] [itunes link=”″ title=”Manchester_Orchestra”]
#11 CEDAR AVENUE Someday Soon [itunes link=”″ title=”Cedar_Avenue-Someday_Soon_(Album)”]
#12 PAPER TONGUES Paper Tongues [itunes link=”″ title=”Paper_Tongues-Paper_Tongues_(Album)”]
#13 TAYLOR HAWKINS AND THE COATTAIL RIDERS Red Light Fever [itunes link=”″ title=”Taylor_Hawkins_the_Coattail_Riders-Red_Light_Fever_(Album)”]
#14 TAYLOR LOCKE AND THE ROUGHS Grain And Grape [itunes link=”″ title=”Taylor_Locke_The_Roughs-Grain_Grape_(Album)”]
#15 DAVID BYRNE AND FATBOY SLIM Here Lies Love [itunes link=”″ title=”David_Byrne_Fatboy_Slim-Here_Lies_Love_(Album)”]
#16 FREE ENERGY Stuck On Nothing [itunes link=”″ title=”Free_Energy-Stuck_On_Nothing_(Album)”]
#17 AM TAXI We Don’t Stand A Chance [itunes link=”″ title=”AM_Taxi-We_Dont_Stand_A_Chance_(Album)”]
#18 GET UP KIDS Simple Science [itunes link=”″ title=”The_Get_Up_Kids-Simple_Science_-_EP_(Album)”]
#19 FOXY SHAZAM Foxy Shazam [itunes link=”″ title=”Foxy_Shazam-Foxy_Shazam_(Album)”]
#20 GOLDFRAPP Head First [itunes link=”″ title=”Goldfrapp-Head_First_(Album)”]
#21 DEFTONES Diamond Eyes [itunes link=”″ title=”Deftones-Diamond_Eyes_(Deluxe)_(Album)”]
#22 MINUS THE BEAR OMNI [itunes link=”″ title=”Minus_the_Bear-Omni_(Album)”]
#23 MATT POND PA The Dark Leaves [itunes link=”″ title=”Matt_Pond_PA-The_Dark_Leaves_(Album)”]
#24 ONE FOR THE TEAM Ghosts [itunes link=”″ title=”One_for_the_Team-Ghosts_(Album)”]
#25 JESSE MALIN AND THE ST. MARKS SOCIAL Love It To Life [itunes link=”″ title=”Jesse_Malin_And_The_St_Marks_Social-Love_It_to_Life_(Album)”]
#26 BALKAN BEAT BOX Blue Eyed Black Boy [itunes link=”″ title=”Balkan_Beat_Box-Blue_Eyed_Black_Boy_(Album)”]
#27 WAKEY! WAKEY! Almost Everything… [itunes link=”″ title=”WakeyWakey-Almost_Everything_I_Wish_Id_Said_The_Last_Time_I_Saw_You_(Album)”]
#28 EARL GREYHOUND Suspicious Package [itunes link=”″ title=”Earl_Greyhound-Suspicious_Package_(Album)”]
#29 BLACK FRANCIS NonStopErotik [itunes link=”″ title=”Black_Francis-Nonstoperotik_(Album)”]
#30 LAURA MARLING I Speak Because I Can [itunes link=”″ title=”Laura_Marling-I_Speak_Because_I_Can_(Album)”]
#31 MURS & 9TH WONDER Fornever [itunes link=”″ title=”Murs_9th_Wonder-Fornever_(Album)”]
#32 THE CRUSHING LOW All Orbits Are Free [itunes link=”″ title=”The_Crushing_Low-All_Oribts_Are_Free_(Album)”]
#33 I. SMITH The One Smith
#34 THE MOTION SICK The Motion Sick [itunes link=”″ title=”The_Motion_Sick”]
#35 BALISET A Time For Rust [itunes link=”″ title=”Baliset-A_Time_for_Rust_(Album)”]
#36 SIDEWALK DRIVER For All the Boys & Girls [itunes link=”″ title=”Sidewalk_Driver-For_All_the_Boys_and_Girls_(Album)”]
#37 THE KYLE SOWASHES Nobody [itunes link=”″ title=”The_Kyle_Sowashes-Nobody_(Album)”]
#38 HAPPY ENDING Turn It On [itunes link=”″ title=”Happy_Ending-Turn_It_On_(Album)”]
#39 ORANGE GROVE Fingerprint [itunes link=”″ title=”Orange_Grove-Fingerprint_(Album)”]
#40 THE WAYLONS Out of Love [itunes link=”″ title=”The_Waylons-Out_of_Love_(Album)”]

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