Top 20 12.3.10

December 3rd, 2010 by Tim Teeling

The Naked and Famous take the number one spot yet again on WLOY’s Top 20 Countdown. Cee Lo Green is still hanging on along with Kings of Leon, Matt & Kim, and The Gaslight Anthem. A notable new addition this week at number two is 30 Seconds to Mars featuring Kanye West with Hurricane 2.0. Tune in next week to see a special edition of the Top 20 for the end of the semester! Nolan and Tim are sure to have something up their sleeves!

Artist Song Album iTunes Amazon
20 Cee Lo Green Satisfied The Lady Killer [itunes link=”″ title=”Cee_Lo_Green-The_Lady_Killer_(Deluxe_Version)_(Album)”] [amazon_link id=”B00494C7C2″ target=”_blank” ]The Lady Killer[/amazon_link]
19 Crocodiles Mirrors Sleep Forever [itunes link=”″ title=”Crocodiles-Sleep_Forever_(Album)”] [amazon_link id=”B0041KSLS8″ target=”_blank” ]Mirrors (Tom Furse Horrors Remix)[/amazon_link]
18 Neon Trees 1983 Habits [itunes link=”″ title=”Neon_Trees-Habits_(Bonus_Track_Version)_(Album)”] [amazon_link id=”B003BZ73VU” target=”_blank” ]1983[/amazon_link]
17 Justin Kline Baby, You’re A Mess Triangle/Six Songs [itunes link=”″ title=”Justin_Kline”] [amazon_link id=”B003U39AUU” target=”_blank” ]Triangle[/amazon_link]
16 Kings of Leon The End Come Around Sundown [itunes link=”″ title=”Kings_of_Leon-Come_Around_Sundown_(Extended_Version)_(Album)”] [amazon_link id=”B00461BQC0″ target=”_blank” ]Come Around Sundown[/amazon_link]
15 The Young Veins Take A Vacation! Take A Vacation! [itunes link=”″ title=”The_Young_Veins-Take_A_Vacation_(Album)”] [amazon_link id=”B003O6MFLO” target=”_blank” ]Take A Vacation! (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version)[/amazon_link]
14 Matt & Kim Block After Block Sidewalks [itunes link=”″ title=”Matt_Kim-Sidewalks_(Album)”] [amazon_link id=”B0043XSTAI” target=”_blank” ]Sidewalks[/amazon_link]
13 The Last Royals Crystal Vases Crystal Vases/Backseat Lovers [itunes link=”″ title=”The_Last_Royals”] [amazon_link id=”B004BS69NO” target=”_blank” ]Crystal Vases[/amazon_link]
12 Gaslight Anthem Stay Lucky American Slang [itunes link=”″ title=”The_Gaslight_Anthem-American_Slang_(Album)”] [amazon_link id=”B003PWF7P8″ target=”_blank” ]Stay Lucky[/amazon_link]
11 Surfer Blood Swim Astro Coast [itunes link=”″ title=”Surfer_Blood-Astro_Coast_(Album)”] [amazon_link id=”B002Y6A0EY” target=”_blank” ]Astro Coast[/amazon_link]
10 Train Shake Up Christmas Single [itunes link=”″ title=”Train-Shake_Up_Christmas_(Coke_Xmas_Anthem)_-_Single_(Album)”] [amazon_link id=”B00497F97Y” target=”_blank” ]Shake Up Christmas (Coke Xmas Anthem)[/amazon_link]
9 Rogue Valley Racecar Driver The Bookseller’s House [itunes link=”″ title=”Rogue_Valley-The_Booksellers_House_(Album)”] [amazon_link id=”B0040PXL9I” target=”_blank” ]The Bookseller's House[/amazon_link]
8 Hellogoodbye Finding Something To Do Would It Kill You? [itunes link=”″ title=”Hellogoodbye-Would_It_Kill_You_(Album)”] [amazon_link id=”B0046JQ8XO” target=”_blank” ]Finding Something To Do[/amazon_link]
7 Switchfoot Bullet Soul Hello Hurricane [itunes link=”″ title=”Switchfoot-Hello_Hurricane_(Deluxe_Version)_(Album)”] [amazon_link id=”B002VE4AYU” target=”_blank” ]Bullet Soul[/amazon_link]
6 Chiddy Bang Truth The Preview [itunes link=”″ title=”Chiddy_Bang-The_Preview_(Album)”] [amazon_link id=”B0044JTEVY” target=”_blank” ]Truth [Explicit][/amazon_link]
5 Pete Yorn Precious Stone Pete Yorn [itunes link=”″ title=”Pete_Yorn”] [amazon_link id=”B0044U4HLK” target=”_blank” ]Precious Stone[/amazon_link]
4 Bear Hands Blood and Treasure Burning Bush Supper Club [itunes link=”″ title=”Bear_Hands-Burning_Bush_Supper_Club_(Album)”] [amazon_link id=”B004808JK6″ target=”_blank” ]Blood And Treasure[/amazon_link]
3 30 Seconds to Mars feat Kanye West Hurricane 2.0 Single [itunes link=”″ title=”30_Seconds_to_Mars_Kanye_West”] [amazon_link id=”B00498PL4O” target=”_blank” ]Hurricane 2.0 (Feat. Kanye West)[/amazon_link]
2 Mnemonic Sounds Lonely Heart Muscle Memories [itunes link=”″ title=”Mnemonic_Sounds-Muscle_Memories_(Album)”] [amazon_link id=”B003WO0S7G” target=”_blank” ]Lonely Heart[/amazon_link]
1 The Naked & Famous Young Blood Passive Me, Aggressive You [itunes link=”″ title=”The_Naked_and_Famous”] [amazon_link id=”B004B3HE24″ target=”_blank” ]Young Blood[/amazon_link]

This week The Naked & Famous are still holding on to the number one spot. Keep an eye out for the new band at number two, Mnemonic Sounds.

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