Throw Back Thursday Album Review: “Move Along” – The All-American Rejects

October 22nd, 2015 by WLOY Staff


The All- American Rejects album “Move Along” was an album that gave the group honorable popularity. Their pop album topped the charts leading with their singles “Dirty Little Secret”, “Move Along”, and “It Ends Tonight”. Their album touched on the topics of cheating on your significant other and also how when you are faced with tough situations in your life you have to face them and “Move along”.

The album started off with the lead singer finding out that his girlfriend has a “Dirty Little Secret”. He soon finds out that his girlfriends’ secret is that she is cheating on him but he is so in love with her that he offers to look past her cheating because he wants them to stay together. The album has a nice flow to it, with the lead singer finding out his girlfriend is cheating leading to the singer move on with his life. But at the end of the album the singer goes back to his girlfriend begging for her to come back.

My favorite song in the album is “Move Along” because I like the upbeat rhythm to the song and also you can relate the song to many other things in your life. Every day we are faced with tough situations and the result of the situation may not turn out into our favor. When we are faced with adversity we have to make the best decision and “Move Along”.

Album Review By: Justin Owens

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