They’re Baaaack! COVID hibernation ends!

February 25th, 2021 by The Professor

Yes, finally we are able to have our fine DJs returning to the station and doing their shows again! Not all of them will be exactly as before due to limitations on in-person numbers but we’re making it work!

In addition to the shows already back and running such as Retro Eddie’s Retro Rocking Roadshow (Mondays 10am-Noon, Fridays 7-9pm) check out the most recent round of DJs to return to the station:

After The Whistle (with the Talking Sports Trio) Mondays & Fridays 1-2pm
The Flood Watch (with Ryan Flood) Fridays 4-6pm
The Sequence (with Nicole Destefanis) Thursdays 8-9pm

And more, coming very soon!

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