Theater Thursday: Cirque du Soleil

March 24th, 2011 by WLOY Staff

Totem, the latest edition of Cirque du Soleil to hit America, promises its audience “a fascinating journey into the evolution of mankind.” Never one to disappoint, Cirque du Soleil will be arriving in Baltimore on Thursday, April 7th with Totem debuting at the amazing venue Under the Grand Chapiteau at the Westport Waterfront. The show follows the fascinating journey of mankind from its original state all the way up to our fiery passion to fly. There is plenty of evolution involved, as characters morph to form a giant turtle, a symbol of origin for numerous ancient civilizations.

The Show is inspired by many founding myths and other stories of times long gone. Standard of each Cirque du Soleil performance, both visual and acrobatic language is used, yet with Totem they are used to explore the evolutionary process of various sets of species. The show delves between legend and science to further understand the human race, but more importantly, our relationship with other species as well.

The show will be in Baltimore until April 24, with tickets ranging from $55 to $225. Totem is for all ages, as it shows the true potential of mankind. For further information, you can visit the show’s website.

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