Theater Thursday: Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theater

February 24th, 2011 by WLOY Staff

Tina Howe’s “Approaching Zanzibar” is sure to shed some light upon our nightmarish childhood memories of countless hours spent in a car with our parents. The play deals with an American family from the East Coast, traveling all the way from New York to Arizona to visit a dying family member. With a minimalist set and a tight-knit ensemble cast, Howe takes the situation one step past the “are we there yet?” humor in order to explore the arguments, the boredom, and the hopes of a family temporarily on the move. Complete with a classical music composer father, a caring mother, a motormouth teenage girl, and a guitar prodigy son, the Blossom family offers an eclectic collection of outlooks on life.

“Approaching Zanzibar” will run until March 13th, appearing at the Audrey Herman Spotlighters Theater. The theater is located at 817 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21202. Tickets vary in price, with a $16 special for students and a special $10 performance on March 10th. You can visit the theater’s website to purchase tickets or for more information on the play. Enjoy!

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