The Things They Do for Ringo

June 6th, 2018 by The Professor

The All-Starr Band trumps its winning hand of Aces in Atlantic City

Radio RockonTour host Timothy Tilghman

Ringo Starr on tour? It must be summertime! That’s right, Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band are on tour, but the USA only scored two exclusive dates: June 1st & June 2nd at The Borgata in Atlantic City. The full-scale 2018 All-Starr Band tour appeared at dates in Europe this summer before the current incarnation will return to launch an extended tour of the USA in the Fall.

The 13th All-Starr Band line-up is featuring its first change in five years. Joining the veteran ASB as a first-time performer is Graham Gouldman, bassist with 10cc. 10cc routinely tours across Europe and the United Kingdom, but American audiences should recall the two major hits 10cc had in the 1970s.

Participating in the 2018 installment of the All-Starr Band are guitarist Colin Hay from Men At Work rejoining the ASB from two previous tours in the past, guitarist Steve Lukather from Toto,  keyboardist Greg Rollie from Santana, and drummer Gregg Bisonette from Spinal Tap as well as multi-instrumentalist Warren Ham. The Euro tour showcased two guest performances: Joan Baez in Paris and Klaus Voormann in Hamburg.

Although Ringo Starr released his 19th studio album in 2017, Ringo has not been featuring any of the new material in concert. Ringo routinely plays it safe by singing most of his classic Beatles titles and a select few of his popular solo hits from early in his career. Ringo is a solid composer in his own write. Thankfully, Ringo has delivered a consistent output of new studio albums since 1997.

The musicianship in the ASB is unparalleled. As each singer approached the microphone, they all voiced their personal appreciation at performing live alongside a Beatle on stage and how the legacy of Beatles music impacted and enriched each of their lives. Now turning 78 years old, Ringo does not have to tour, but continues to do so pleasing his loyal legion of fans.

Highlights from the performance included “Down Under” sung by Colin Hay, “Don’t Pass Me By” spotlighting Ringo Starr on keyboards, “Oye Como Va” sung by Greg Rollie, “I Wanna Be Your Man” showcasing Ringo Starr playing his drumkit, “The Things We Do For Love” sung by Graham Gouldman, and “Hold The Line” sung by Steve Lukather. The obligatory encore from the Sgt. Pepper album segued into the late John Lennon’s flower power anthem “Give Peace A Chance”.

The BIG NEWS is Ringo Starr being knighted on March 20, 2018 as Sir Richard Starkey, MBE. Now the two surviving Beatles (minus Pete Best for those keeping score) have joined an exclusive British fraternity. The cool thing about this date is that it was the 50th anniversary of John and Yoko’s wedding at Gibraltar. Unknown fact: Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney are both left-handed!

Ringo obviously has a winning formula hitting the road with his infrequent All-Starr Band tours. Lamentably, all of the classic British rock icons are advancing in age and it’s anybody’s guess how long these living legends are going to continue to tour. Hopefully, we will enjoy at least another five years of scheduled tours before these stellar musicians begin to retire from the stage.

Atlantic City setlist: Matchbox * It Don’t Come Easy * What Goes On * Dreadlock Holiday * Evil Ways * Rosanna * Down Under * Boys * Don’t Pass Me By * Yellow Submarine * I’m Not In Love * Black Magic Woman > Gypsy Queen * You’re Sixteen * Anthem * Overkill * Africa * Oye Como Va * I Wanna Be Your Man * The Things We Do For Love * Hold The Line * Photograph * Act Naturally * With A Little Help From My Friends > Give Peace A Chance

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