The Second Annual Loyola Rising Returns!

November 17th, 2010 by WLOY Staff

The Loyola Poetry Club is hosting the Second Annual Loyola Rising on Monday, November 20 in McGuire Hall at 8PM. It’s Loyola’s ONLY music and poetry show, and last year’s high attendance proved that Loyola Rising is a must-attend event! The list of performers names almost twenty Loyola students who will be singing, rapping, breakdancing, reading original poems, playing music, liturgically dancing, building the beat, et cetera. If that does not sound titillating enough, headlining the event will be Loyola grads turned hip-hop phenomena, A Cool Stick as well as George Watsky. Big acts are playing alongside YOUR friends – be there! Oh, and WLOY is co-sponsoring the event 🙂

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