The Prime: Pop Through the Ages

May 23rd, 2023 by Liz Kosik

by Liz Kosik ’25

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Bedroom Pop

RIYL: Clairo, Mac Demarco, Men I Trust, Peach Pit, The Marías

We’re back! After surviving finals season, WLOY is happy to reintroduce the series: The Prime! Our station DJs have done an excellent job of bringing their fans all the hottest hits and coolest throwbacks, so… why not provide some background on the music we all know and love? The series will span a spectrum of genres such as alternative, pop, and rock. We’re super excited to dive deeper into the subgenres, affiliated bands, and even some song suggestions.

This week’s spotlight focuses on a generational favorite: Bedroom Pop! The naming of the genre speaks to its origin as artists began creating music outside of the traditional recording environment and instead, in their bedrooms. The usual setlist of BP explores the psychedelic intimacy we feel in the environment of our space. There can be a melancholy vibe to the subgenre as many artists compose hazy and warm sounds with a touch of nostalgia. BP reminds me of the music that plays in our dreams, but it’s not quite loud enough to hear. The soothing and reminiscent compositions definitely have the potential to provoke evocative emotions and imagery.

Clairo is a common affiliation with Bedroom Pop as she began recording music in her bedroom at age 13. As her sound evolves, she provides serene vocals that have a calm and smooth tone. The constituencies of BP deepen as many explore their creativity and originality. Mac Demarco has proudly added a psychedelic-indie sound to the Pop genre with a raspier voice and lighter percussion. The Marías have also formed their own path in the introduction of jazz elements to their Spanish and English discography. 

Want to get more into Bedroom Pop? Check out some suggestions below!

For the First Time Mac Demarco

Everyone Adores You (at least I do) Matt Maltese

Flaming Hot Cheetos Clairo 

I Like It The Marías

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