The Mayor’s Christmas Parade – Gallery

November 5th, 2018 by The Professor

WLOY has been a part of the Mayor’s Annual Christmas Parade in Hampden since 2010 when we were invited to enter. We naturally assumed this meant we needed a float so we built one. Unlike all the other media that entered the parade with their generic vans, we got a bit serious… We have lots of photos from the various years but below are links to the official ones on the parade’s website. Perhaps the best result was when the parade was up for US Today’s 10 Best Holiday Parades in the US award. The featured image used worldwide was our very own float with Hillary tossing out fuzzy snowballs to the kids lining the sidewalks. We were pretty overwhelmed to see that as the photo used as it was a complete surprise! The parade is coming back this year (December 2nd, 1:00pm) and runs from Falls Rd & Cold Spring Lane along Falls Road South to 38th Street where it turns East and runs to Chestnut, turning North and ending. Join the fun (and 20,000 friends) and say hi to WLOY. Who knows what this year’s theme will be?? Read on for the image gallery!

2010 – Santa’s sleigh full of gifts with flamingos pulling and reindeer riding

Christa, Tim & Amanda with the van

The Van on parade

Local sentiments work best

2011 – We added the kids from our What Happens Next? radio show to the troupe

WHN Kids plus Anthony, Molly, Alex, Joe, Amanda, Kait

The big kids carry the sign – Anthony, Kate, Joe, Amanda, Billy, Eric, Bobby

The van, holding up traffic as usual

2012 – We go all in, with Hillary as Santa on the roof and Ravens & Orioles helping pull the sleigh

Hillary throwing stuffed snowballs to the kids

At least she doesn’t look too nervous

Nikky, Kait and Alex surround the van with Hillary caught mid throw

Nikky & Kait not yet seeing the weird sock puppet behind them…

2013 – We turned the top of the van into a snow globe with Sam inside throwing snow around

No parade – first snow cancellation ever. The next week WLOY made it’s now parade, building the float (a giant snow globe with Sam sitting inside!) and parking in Hampden for 2 hours playing music, getting photographed and having fun!

2014 – The whole top of the van was a giant Santa hat, with a helium-filled tip to float behind us, the front had a “boh” cowlick, eye and mustache to keep it nice and local

Big crew with the big hat – Marge, Lauren, Tyler, Leandra, Jeremy, The Van, Katie, Lauren P?, Kelly, Courtney, Sam

2015 – The hat was so good we had to repeat

Katie & Marge with the van

Katie, Gordon, Allie, Marge, Nora, Brendan, Molly?, Joanna

Allie, Nora, Joanna

2016 – Santa at the beach with a surfing gingerbread man, swimming Santa and everyone in Hawaiian shirts

Marge, Will, Rebecca, Gordon

The van in all it’s glory

Cara, Steve and a very jealous JackFM van looking lame behind our float

2017 – Disco Santa! DJ Paul Random on the roof spinning the tunes and everyone in ABBA disco wear

Ashley, Will and Emma

Our lame disco ball (so much work!) with DJ Santa on the roof

2018 – ???? BE THERE!
Post-Parade Update:
Snoopy was a massive hit

Why don’t we get awards for this?

Yes, Snoopy did steal his kids iPad for the parade

Seriously the biggest hit float we’ve done yet – look for it to return!!

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