The Encore: The Great Heights Band

July 10th, 2024 by Liz Kosik

by Liz Kosik ’25

WLOY presents “The Encore,” where we spotlight our favorite bands that have visited the station. This week: The Great Heights Band!

The Great Heights Band, originating from Baltimore, MD, came onto the music scene in the spring of 2014. Their rise led to a record deal with CI Records by the fall of the same year. Known for their high-energy performances, the band quickly became a staple in the local music community, performing at well-known venues such as Charm City Art Space and Ottobar. 

In October 2015, they released their debut full-length album, “Songs in Eastern Standard Timing.” The album’s success launched their reputation and helped expand their fan base. Their appearance at WLOY Loyola Radio on June 2nd, 2016, marked another milestone in their journey. This visit led to performances at WLOY events, including shows on Loyola’s campus and our Coffeehouse event, where they spotlight local Baltimore bands.

Since their visit to WLOY, The Great Heights Band has released a few projects including, “Rad-Pop,” featuring 11 tracks and a 37-minute listening time. Their music, characterized by a blend of indie rock, power pop, and a touch of emo, has continued to resonate with fans. The band has also put out several EPs and remains an influential presence in Maryland’s social and music circles. Although their recent output has been shy, they have announced that new music is coming next month, as well local performance dates. 





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